Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are the seats bigger or is my ass smaller?

I went to the movies last night with some girlfriends. I never go to the movies. Why? Soooo crowded and the ticket price was $9.50. Remember when it was $2? Anywho, I had not been to the movies since July, I think. Right after I started this journey.

At the time my husband and I went as a treat to us and I ate popcorn (why? because it was a cheat meal and it is delicious). Last night I only got a diet coke (because I must have a drink at all times) for the bargain price of $4.25 (that was only a medium - although it was huge and I only drank a third of it).

I digress....last night when I sat in the seats they felt all big and spacious. So either the seats got bigger or my ass got smaller. I like to think my ass got smaller.

Friday I am going to Las Vegas for the first time ever!!! I am SOOOOO excited. It has been about a year and a half since I was on a plane. Hopefully my seat will be roomier there as well. I know those seats did not change.

My big ass in an airplane seat used to be the worst. I hope this time I will not have the seatbelt at full capacity and the tray table will be able to sit flat. It was situations like flying that made me think I had a problem with functioning like an alcoholic does. However, you cannot always tell an alcoholic by looking at them and for that anonymity I was slightly jealous.

Also, being 5'10 makes those seats a little more cramped. We shall see how this goes but I am looking forward to all the fun!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday's Weigh-In

Sorry to post a day late. I must admit I was worried this week. I did step up the personal training sessions to 4 days a week (including 4:30am yesterday). I also ate french fries twice last week (which I rarely do).

So I was at 49 pounds lost last week and you know how when you are close to a major milestone and you step it up to make that milestone, something usually moves the scale in the other direction? That was my panic and fear yesterday morning (about 4:00am) before I stepped on the scale.

However, that scale showed a 1.5 pound loss. Nothing extraordinary but solid nonetheless. It was also enough to push me through that milestone. So I am at 50.5 pounds lost. I started doing all sorts of calculations and since I began in July of 2008, I am averaging 1.6 pounds lost each week. That seems like a slow and steady pace.

I also began to think how it will sound now that I can say "yeah, I've lost 50 pounds." I also thought that if my end goal were to lose 100 pounds (which I do not have an end goal yet), I can say I am over half way there (not by much, but I could say it).

Hmmmm....I just hope getting through the 50 pound range of weight loss goes faster than the 40 pound range went for me. I will just keep up the workouts and healthy eating.

Another question, what is your end goal? And how did you choose it?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

So I think it may be pain, no gain.

Today I had my third straight day of my trainer. My training sessions seem to get longer. I think I work out for close to an hour and a half. Since we increased to 4 days a week and my trainer had to rearrange my Friday and Saturday sessions, I ended up with a Tuesday night and for the first time ever we will have a 4:30AM on Friday.

No biggie for me because I get up that early anyway to walk/run the dogs. I just hope he will show up. I am currently icing my shins. Like I pain, no gain. However, I did run for 12 consecutive minutes on the treadmill as part of my cardio warm up. I tend to have some pain in my side when I start running when I am trying to regulate my breathing. Does anyone have any tips on that? I love to learn from others.

So here is a random story for you. You know how you can feel really good about your weight loss one minute and then a minute later feel like a failure? Well I teach first grade and one thing I am surrounded with is honesty. Children love to tell you the truth. This morning, my biggest pill of a student lovingly told me that I look like I am having a baby. I cannot fault a child for being honest. It just made me think how students used to say that (not too often thank goodness), now I have lost 49 pounds and they are still saying that? Man I have a ways to go! Marcus (my trainer) and I had to have a talk about the fact that I can wear smaller sizes in butt and thighs but my waist is keeping me in a bigger size. He seems to think I will lose that belly rapidly at the end.

But then I had a conference with a mom that I have had for three years (multiple children, not the same one) and she told me I looked awesome. She called me "foxy." How funny. I like the comments from adults much better. Although I have one student who is borderline autistic and one day (while he was making a paper puppet dance on my arm), he looked down at me and said "what happened to your body?" It was so cute. He was the first kid to notice my weight loss.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring more comments....hopefully ones that make me feel good!

What fun comments do you get?

Monday, February 16, 2009

For Real?

So I am off today. I have done tons of crappy errands and am watching my best buds daughters for an hour or so before I go workout (don't worry, I am responsible - they are napping). However, this morning after walking the dogs, I decided to try out that Biggest Loser Yoga DVD.

My conclusion? That is hard stuff. For real, you have to be pretty strong. Also, I think using an actual yoga mat would have helped me. No wonder people who do that seem tall and lean. You kinda have to be. So cheers to all who attempt that on a regular basis.

Opps.....I hear the girls. Gotta motor. By the way, where is everyone? I am lonely and need more blog updates.

Happy Presidents Day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Inspirational Reading

Do you like to read? I used to hate it but now I LOVE it! Since last spring I have read about two dozen weight loss memoirs which I think are fabulous. Some are hilarious (best - Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster), some are sad, some are amazingly honest (best - Confessions of a Carb Queen), some are about fat acceptance, some were written by celebrities (these were pretty sucky because they are not written well), one was written by someone in their 50's, one was written by a girl who has a twin sister who is naturally thin. Everything you can think of.

I just finished one today. It is called Breakin' Free by Rosy Ghannai. She is a Canadian woman who set out to lose 150 pounds in one year. I came across her blog and ordered her book. Even though I spent many weekends in Canada growing up (I lived in the suburbs of the Detroit area - 45 minute drive to Windsor, 19 year old drinking age - you do the math), I have never met this woman. No one asked me to read this book and no one may care about what I thought of it but I will share anyway.

First I must say I think Rosy may be one of the bravest women in the weight loss blogging world. She got an old friend who is a personal trainer to help her on this journey but she took it public from the very beginning. If that isn't brave, I don't know what is. We are talking newspaper and local television.

Now, I wish I had followed the blog all along like I follow other people's blogs. Then I think I would have connected more with the daily struggles. The book has a Richard Simmon's inspirational feel to it at times. But that is also what is kinda great about it. She did this publicly for everyone's benefit. Rosy even took monthly progression photos that you can see on her website. AMAZING. This girl has some serious guns! I am very jealous. The guns alone are enough to inspire me.

I think you might want to check out her blog: Or better yet, you may want to order her book. It can be ordered here: Who knows, perhaps one day your weight loss memoir will be for sale for me to read as well. And I would definitely buy it! As an added bonus, when you order Rosy's book you also get a supplemental guide from her trainer outlining her eating and exercise routines. Pretty helpful if this is something you are attempting to conquer on your own. They even included computer graphics of the exercises. She lost all her weight naturally - no pills or surgeries. The way I think most of us are trying to.

So thank you Rosy for sharing your story. Your honesty and inspiration is greatly appreciated, even down here in the states.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shifting Gears

Hello there friends. Hope all is well in weight-loss bloggerland. Things seem fine here. Had an uneventful Valentine's Day which is fine with me. We went to dinner at our friend's restaurant. The cuisine was fantastic (which it always is). Nothing fancy by any means but super good.

I recently made an important decision regarding my exercise. I think this is the key to my weight loss. I do a lot of it. I do weight watchers as well but I am not extremely strict about it. I give myself one "cheat" meal a week but I really not do too bad even then. I cannot tell you the last time I had alcohol. I digress.....

Anyway, exercise! Yes, when I began my journey on July 15th 2008, my best friend and I were sharing a trainer twice a week. About September we added a third day but did it alone (just so you know this gives a trainer way too much time to focus on EVERYTHING you do). Scheduling conflicts came into play and in October we went to sharing a trainer once a week and two days solo. So since October I have kept this schedule. She has had to cancel sessions and so I had a few weeks where I was alone every time.

This has seemed to make a difference (although it is more fun with a friend and you still get an awesome workout). Just so you are aware I also walk/run 1.2 miles with the dogs everyday and I belong to a second gym where I go to kickboxing once a week and take a zumba class once a week (if I can fit it in).

My best bud/training partner has had another schedule change and wants to share two days a week which is fine (and slightly cheaper) but I am making great progress and need it to speed up, not slow down. I would like to have some sort of final goal achieved by September. No, I do not know what that goal is. When I started I just wanted to weigh less and feel better. I would like to start trying for a baby in the fall (although the better my body gets, the less I want to get pregnant).

So my decision......starting this week I will be training four days a week. Two shared, two solo. Sometimes it will be four consecutive days which will suck but I think I can do it. I intend to keep the kickboxing one day a week and the dogs will not hear of not getting their walks. So there it is. I shall see how it plays out. And yes, this will now be costing some major bucks. It has been worth it so far and I think it will continue to be.

I trained yesterday at 4:00 (solo) and this morning at 9:45 (with my BB). I have done that a couple of weeks now and he does not take it easy on me even after I was just there. I can keep up. In fact today, during warm up I ran for 10 consecutive minutes on the treadmill. Longest time for me yet.

It seems easier on the treadmill than when I run in the neighborhood with the dogs. Why is that?

Enough of my rambling......may you all be well and enjoying your workouts.

Oh yeah. Tonight I bought the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD to try out. Has anyone else tried it? It looks sweaty and interesting. I need to become more flexible, perhaps this will help.

Happy Valentine's Day my sweets!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Weigh-In

Not too scary. I am down 2.5 pounds this week so that is a grand total of 49 pounds. So close to that 50 pound mark. My next big goal is 230 pounds. Why? That is the weight that my husband hoovers around. He does not know my weight (just my weight loss total), but I would like to weigh less than him again.

I think I will have a workout post sometime this weekend but now I must get ready for work and the Valentine's fun that comes with teaching first grade.

Have a fantastic Friday the 13th.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

People Are SOOOO Annoying

Well, not you of course...other people.

Yesterday I spent the day with the twins (started out babysitting) and my best friend. We decided to make a weight watcher's recipe I saw on someone else's blog (TJ's Test Kitchen). It was for a baked ziti with vegetables (perfect since my best bud is a vegetarian).

This recipe called for items which I do not normally use - things like whole wheat pasta, marinara sauce, fat free ricotta cheese, etc. So while the girls were napping (and mom was back home) I went to buy the ingredients at our local Kroger.

Now, I have recently cleaned out my purse of random, useless junk. It is all neat and organized. I plan to keep it that way. So, when I am at Kroger buying things I do not normally buy and the register starts spitting out coupons for me to buy these items again, I start thinking "man, that will get buried in my purse and I will not use them and then my messy purse cycle will start all over again."

There were two customers in line behind me and I had already been subjected to listening to the checker and bagger talk about how sick they are (while they touch all my things) and proceed to wish each other ill on Valentine's Day. So granted I am already annoyed.

When the 16 year old checker pulls off the 6 coupons from the printer I politely say "Thank you, but I do not need the coupons."


Customers behind me stare me down and roll their eyes in disgust.

Me: "No thank you."

Checker (turns to the judgemental customers in line behind me): "DO YOU WANT HER COUPONS?!?!?!?"

Judgemental customer behind me: "YES! I want those coupons. WHO DOESN'T WANT A COUPON?"

Me - I just stroll out of the store satisfied that I had made a decision to keep part of my life clutter free and I stuck to it. I did not cave.

I do know economic times are hard (and my husband was upset I did not take the coupons). If I had been buying items I always buy I may have taken them. But I made a decision that was best for me and I stood my ground.

Is this a stupid story? Yes. But I think that checker was out of line. And what difference does it make to anyone else what my decisions are in the grocery store check out?

I feel stronger because of it. I also went back to my friend's house and made one of the most delicious, healthy meals I have had in a long time and we all enjoyed it. And when I looked in my purse this morning I felt at peace and very organized. Living well is the best revenge. So that checker can suck it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Weigh-In Results

Well a quick update. My weight today is 242 pounds. That is a net loss of .5 pounds. I am okay with that since my weight went up a little over last weekend. I feel good and that is all that matters, right? I will post more this weekend because I have amazing thoughts to share (I am being sarcastic but I do have thoughts to share - just not enough time).

Happy Weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekends Are Too Short

No matter what I have planned for the weekend, even if it is a few easy things, I never seem to get it all done. I didn't even go to a super bowl party. I did however get a pedicure. But laundry did not get done. Priorities. That is why I will be playing catch up all week. It seems that happens every week. My best friend has twin daughters that are 10 months old and I spend most of the weekend with them. And then when they go to bed we hang out and talk til about 1:00 am. Perhaps that could be my problem. But boy is it fun.

I did have a big victory this week. I am back up to the full workout schedule I had going before the December holiday. About time, right? It feels pretty great. A nice, sweaty accomplishment. I did have 2 cheat meals - one Thursday and one Saturday. But I feel okay about it. I will sweat it off by weigh-in day....hopefully!

How is the new year going for all of you?