Monday, September 27, 2010

Blame it on the Rain!

Saturday was our annual walk for ovarian cancer in Grapevine, TX. It was a 5K. And let's say it was a little damp. That is me pushing my twin god daughters. Their mom (best bud) was team captain and photographer. She did an awesome job gathering a HUGE team, getting them to walk in the rain and serve them breakfast.
Hubby and I finished. Completely soaked (undies included) and looking extremely unattractive.Me and best bud at the finish line (right before me eating a huge, awesome breakfast and heading home for sweats and a 3 hour nap). I don't think we a have picture together where we look worse. But it was fun splashing in the puddles with her.
Sunday - hubby, best bud, her hubby, the girls and myself headed to the Texas State Fair because I wanted to be entertained and walk around. This is Big Tex.
We got to take the girls to the awesome petting zoo. They like to feed animals.
The best part of the day was best bud and my hubby having to dance with a Gaelic dance troupe. So hilarious (hubby hates to dance and had to be called up with a microphone - I am still laughing).
I leave you with the other awesome unflattering photo by best bud as I helped the girls share a popsicle. I include it to share my ever expanding 36 week prego belly. So no baby yet. I am working so hard to get things ready at work to be out. If she can hold out at least another two weeks I think I will be in good shape.

Hope you had a good weekend too!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things Heard...

Things I have heard this week:

  1. Monday - you don't look that big for someone who is about to pop.

  2. Tuesday - Are you sure you are going to make it another few weeks?

  3. Today (Thursday) - man, we need to get you to a hospital, you are so ready.

  4. Today (Thursday from my team at work) - #1 - man, look at your feet! You need to stop walking on them #2 - I can tell she is super swollen from her hands (then someone presses on my ankle to show how much fluid is in there) Me - I know, I am getting some cankles, impressive isn't it?

Everyone sees things differently. I tried on some regular clothes (tops only) yesterday that I wore last fall. Hilarious! God I miss clothes. Here is what I miss:

  1. Sleeping on my belly

  2. Diet coke daily

  3. Shoes that aren't tight

  4. Pants with buttons and zippers

  5. Margaritas

  6. All the clothes I bought last year after I worked so hard to lose weight

  7. Sleeping on my belly

Someday these things will come back to me. You just never realize how good something is until it is gone - even if it is temporary.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sam I Am

Yesterday was the AWESOME Dr. Seuss themed baby shower hosted by Best Bud. She made over her restaurant and it was spectacular. There was one picture of us together and she did not like it so I think she deleted it. Bummer. Oh well, here are some other pics.

Me and the baby bump as the Cat in the Hat

A small section of the food table. That is one ginormous diaper cake in the middle.

Some of the table decor.

More table decor.

Green eggs and ham sandwiches (best bud was also the chef).

Lots of candy to match Dr. Seuss books.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (red velvet topped with cream cheese frosting and blue cotton candy).

Best bud decorated EACH Cat in the Hat cookie by hand!

Close up of that insane diaper cake.

The core group of girls from the gym came. I include this to say to you all that they came in one vehicle!! Minus me in the flowered dress. They amaze me in many ways. Just love them!

And I leave you with the cutest part of the day - Thing 1 and Thing 2. Best bud's beautiful twin daughters whom she ordered these special Thing 1 and Thing 2 dresses for. No detail escaped her. Not enough words to say thank you and express how blessed I am to have such an awesome (and perfectionistic) best friend. This child is so lucky and loved already. It amazes me and the hubs everyday. We are speechless (it happens once in a while).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What an Astronomer Studies

Here are my updates.

1st - how I feel - kind of like I have been hit by a truck. I think I have aged 40 years in the past 2 weeks. I am busy as can be and pass out between 7:30 and 8:00 at night. This is going to be a long month.
2nd - went to the doc today - I was a little nervous because she feels different, not kicking as hard. Her heart rate was 148 (good). She is measuring 37 weeks (big but within a normal range). Then I asked him to tell me what position she was in. The pushing did not feel pleasant. Result? She is breech. So in two weeks I get another sonogram (another one to be disappointed in I am sure). After that? Who knows what they will say. They gave me a flu shot today and I never even felt it - bonus!
3rd - I love the kids in my class - I am trying to teach them about scientists. So I gave them the names of some special scientists and they had to figure out what they studied. Since I teach 1st grade, I had to give hints. So when I asked what an astronomer studies, I had to say it was outside but it was not a plant or an animal. I got blank stares so I said if you went out at night and looked up you could see what they studied. One little girl said - "Oh!! Jesus!! They study Jesus!" You learn something new everyday.
4th - I leave you with this picture - me in my classroom reading to my little friends from best bud's moms group. It was a school playdate. I have never seen myself from this angle before. Hello BIG baby belly! Polka dots are not my friend. Oh well! At least I wore leggings so no one got a show.
Have a happy Friday!!! Best bud is working her little heart out for the CUTEST shower for me this weekend. I will post pictures soon!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

34 Weeks Pregnant - Still

My in-laws drove in last night - 6.5 hours. They finished corn harvest and wanted to escape the farm. It was awesome. Hubby was off so he cleaned - my refrigerator and microwave have never looked so good. Today for lunch we decided to take them out. We don't go out too much but we had seen a place on the Travel Channel with a hot wings challenge. Pluckers. Hubby wanted to try it. They are called Fire in the Hole.

This is who tried them first. We were shocked. I heart my mother-in-law. She is so fun.
Hubby ate the bulk of them (there were only 5), eyes watered but he did not cry. The challenge is 25 wings. He thinks he can do it. The all time champ ate 110. That just cannot be good for you.

My father-in-law could not be left out so he tried them too. As for me, I like my taste buds and do not want to burn them. I opted for a cool salad and ice water. I think the place was okay. I would much rather go to best bud's restaurant (Lazy Bones in Grapevine, TX). Their food is awesome, especially the chicken wrap. Maybe they can create a wing challenge that my hubs can try.
I will leave you with this picture of me at 34 weeks. Proof that I am still here and still pregnant. Still good (especially if I could get rid of this crappy hand pain, today it hurt to hold a fork). After we took this pic, we put on swimsuits and jumped in the pool. Sometimes it is okay to live in the SUPER hot state of Texas.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Pregnancy Has Done to Me

Pregnancy has done many things to me. Overall, I have been lucky. I have had a bit of the crazy symptoms. The problems I have been bothered by most are the stretching of ligaments - super irritated planters facitis, messed up shoulder and now carpal tunnel which is causing lots of pain in my hands - mostly my thumbs. The reason these are so bothersome is because it makes my exercise painful. But I also have had a bit of the pregnancy brain. So I thought I would share.

Example #1 - I was trying to sing a song with my two year old twin god daughters when I had to ask best bud "who is the dude who went to town riding on a pony?" I could remember all the words but Yankee Doodle.

Example #2 - the day I had to call the vet to see if I ever got my male dog fixed because I thought I found testicles. I had him neutered 7 years ago. The vet drew me a diagram this weekend of a doggie erection (sorry, but he did) to explain the lumps. Testicles do not grow back. (For the record I never thought they grew back, I just could not remember if they had been removed).

I am sure there are more examples I am just choosing not to remember at the moment. All is well here, just trying to last out the rest of this pregnancy so I can start getting my body back to normal. I am having a super great weekend! Hope you are too.

Went to the doc on Friday. Baby girl is good, still measuring a little large but it is still fine. I have decided to stop looking at the scale and asked them not to tell me. I have decided that she is healthy and I eat pretty well and am still exercising so I am going to gain what I am going to gain. This way I will not resent pregnancy and definitely not my daughter (I could never resent her, no matter how big I get). I will just have to work really hard to get it all off.

In other news, I tried on my fat pants. You know the pair or two you save from when you were at your heaviest for comparison? Well they are still too big in the belly and I am 8 months pregnant now. I was shocked and pleased. I also decided to run a bit down my street the other day. I can still do it although my back is not a fan and she slams down on my bladder repeatedly. I think I will wait until she is born to take that up again.