Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things Heard...

Things I have heard this week:

  1. Monday - you don't look that big for someone who is about to pop.

  2. Tuesday - Are you sure you are going to make it another few weeks?

  3. Today (Thursday) - man, we need to get you to a hospital, you are so ready.

  4. Today (Thursday from my team at work) - #1 - man, look at your feet! You need to stop walking on them #2 - I can tell she is super swollen from her hands (then someone presses on my ankle to show how much fluid is in there) Me - I know, I am getting some cankles, impressive isn't it?

Everyone sees things differently. I tried on some regular clothes (tops only) yesterday that I wore last fall. Hilarious! God I miss clothes. Here is what I miss:

  1. Sleeping on my belly

  2. Diet coke daily

  3. Shoes that aren't tight

  4. Pants with buttons and zippers

  5. Margaritas

  6. All the clothes I bought last year after I worked so hard to lose weight

  7. Sleeping on my belly

Someday these things will come back to me. You just never realize how good something is until it is gone - even if it is temporary.


cmoursler said...

sorry but number 1 and number 7...
you can be on your belly...but you will have to omit sleeping for the first six months.
just sayin

Raych said...

Hey, I'm Rachel! I'm a new blogger :D
My sister-in-law has been thin all her life and she was so frustrated with all the weight she gained when she was pregnant. But she was back to almost normal weight half a year later.
She also couldn't wait to pop, sleep on her belly and wear awesome clothes, but don't worry. When you see your baby girl, I'm sure it'll all be 100% worth it! It was for her :)

big_mummy said...

you know I think the things you miss are kinda awesome for me it was:

1. Soft serve ice cream
2. brie
3. pate
4. boiled egg with runny centres
6. following up last- sleeping on my belly

lol. It could be worse, your list could be like mine ;)
Not long now :)

Cassie said...

I don't even want to start on what I miss or what I have given up for this baby........ I completely understand where you are coming from.

Jenn said...

My list is pretty similar, swap out the margaritas for wine!
Hang in there, we're in the home stretch!!!

michele said...

SLEEPING ON MY BELLY was the thing that was hardest to give up for both of my children, it is the best feeling to be able to do it now. The only thing is if you breastfeed now its your boobs that will get in your way instead of your belly, but at least I don't worry about hurting them like I did my baby! LOL

HopeFool said...

Oh wow. I had forgotten how much I missed sleeping on my belly and how WONDERFUL it felt to do it again after the deliveries.

It almost made having to go back to sleep 6 times a night livable.