Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damage Assessed

Well today I assessed the damage. After being gone for a week and a half I gained a total of.....3 pounds. I was lacking much of the exercise I normally do and only ate well about half the time so I would have to say that is fair. I am glad it was not the 10 pounds that my mother-in-law's scale said. So I got back to walking/trotting the dogs this morning - not too bad. Also got back to my personal trainer. That was a little harder. I can do it but I felt a little nauseous. I go again Friday, maybe that will be better. I wonder how everyone else's holiday management was? I went to the store today and already saw Valentine candy out. That is just one more reason not to eat it when you receive it. How fresh can it be if it has been sitting on a shelf since December? Recipient be ware!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am so glad to finally be home!!! Yahoo!!! I need to go to the store and stock back up on all of MY food. I have missed MY eating habits. How I hate to rely on others for anything. My body is not liking it too much either. I was able to exercise some but not enough. It is funny how different scales are. My parent's scale said I lost three pounds (which I knew was a total lie). However, my in-laws scale this morning told me I gained ten pounds (which some how I doubt). The true damage assessment will be done tomorrow by my scale and hopefully I can get myself inline some before the weight watchers weigh in on Sunday. Tomorrow I will get up and get back to walking/trotting with the dogs every morning (I think they gained some lbs. too). I also have to face my big mean trainer in the morning. He's not really mean but trainers can ask lots of questions and be really annoying. I will post my true holiday results tomorrow. Hopefully everyone else did better than I.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Still Away From Home!

Well I am still visiting family for the holidays. They seem to never end for me. Well they last for like two weeks. That is a long time to be away from my diet/exercise routine. This year for Christmas my grandfather wanted to go to the casino and stay the night. In my opinion grandpa should always get what he wants, so he did. So, me and husband, ma and pa, aunts and uncles and grandpa spent the day there. OMG.....have you ever really people watched at a casino? These people have some serious issues. They probably think the same of me. It was a hilarious casino Christmas. Due to state law, we could not have alcohol so that helped me to get less fat. Bonus! I actually won some money on a penny slot. Who would have thought that was even possible? The amenities were spectacular so when I was done gambling there were lots of other things to do. Tomorrow I get up early to hit the road and start heading back south. One more stop over with family, and then home. Can't wait to get back to my routine. I never would have thought I would miss it so much. Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello Weight Loss Blogging World!


This is a new adventure for me but I have had a lot of those in the past five months. I am jumping into the deep end of the weight loss blogging pool today. I like the journaling/accountability that blogging can add to my journey. I love reading other people's blogs and decided do one as well. I am not completely delusional. I do not expect anyone to read or comment on my random thoughts, but I welcome it none the less. I am a fat first grade teacher who started her weight loss journey in July 2008. My health was my 30th birthday present to myself. My husband has graciously allowed me to do this and is completely supportive. Hopefully this journey will lead to the path of motherhood eventually. I am currently on winter break making the rounds to see our family around the country and as of the day I left home, I have lost 40 pounds. Hopefully I will not be too far off from that number when I return.