Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello Weight Loss Blogging World!


This is a new adventure for me but I have had a lot of those in the past five months. I am jumping into the deep end of the weight loss blogging pool today. I like the journaling/accountability that blogging can add to my journey. I love reading other people's blogs and decided do one as well. I am not completely delusional. I do not expect anyone to read or comment on my random thoughts, but I welcome it none the less. I am a fat first grade teacher who started her weight loss journey in July 2008. My health was my 30th birthday present to myself. My husband has graciously allowed me to do this and is completely supportive. Hopefully this journey will lead to the path of motherhood eventually. I am currently on winter break making the rounds to see our family around the country and as of the day I left home, I have lost 40 pounds. Hopefully I will not be too far off from that number when I return.

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Karyn said...

welcome to 'Blogworld'! You are having terrific success to already be down 40 pounds!!

Thanks for following my blog...I look forward to your comments.

I'll be back here, often, to watch your success!