Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm having....

Oh, are you wondering what it is going to be? Well, it was a long, painful sonogram ('cause I had a full bladder and the baby was uncooperative). Finally, after 40 minutes (and lots of pushing and poking) the baby revealed its true self. Last night hubby and I went out and bought this outfit.

Oh yeah, she seems pretty healthy too. HOORAY!!! Yesterday was a very good day (except for getting on the scale, but that will be another post)! Hope you have a super holiday weekend!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Circle Magazine

Family Circle magazine is a pretty good magazine. Full of recipes and tips on life. The clincher is that it only cost $1.99 (US dollars). Cheap entertainment and advice. Most issues have a health section that includes a "How I Lost It" story. It is filled with people like us. It is a small blurb with pictures - an interesting read. I used to go through tons of magazines looking for inspirational stories to provide motivation before I found you all. I wanted to pay it forward a little. I am going to be one of the "How I Lost It" blurbs. I just got the email this week that my issue went to print. It will be in the August issue so if you are in the grocery store check out, trying to avoid looking at the candy, pick up an issue and check it out (well, you will have to wait til August if you want to see MY blurb). It is a great magazine - totally worth the $1.99. By the way - I did the initial interview for this little article at the beginning of January. That is how long the process is.

Funny story of the day - My class (1st grade) heard that I was going to find out the sex of the baby this week. They are so excited. We took a poll to see what they thought it would be. I told them they did not have to vote for what they were. Girls could think it was a boy and vice versa. It came back at 14 to 7 favoring a girl. Then the comments started.

Boy #1 said - "You can handle a boy." Why is that, I ask. "Because you don't have to do hair and stuff."

Later in the day, while working at my table next to two girls, boy #2 said - "I hope you have a girl." (Now this is THE biggest trouble-maker I have and he has 2 brothers) Why is that, I ask. "Well (and in a low voice he says), they are so cute. Just look at (and says the name of a little girl sitting at my table with a shy smile)." To this I answer - you are right the girls in this class are quite cute but I am also fond of the boys.

So the general opinion of most (class, co-workers, gym folks) is that it is a girl. I have never asked them what they think, they just offer it. However, those I do ask - mother, best bud, hubby - we are stumped. Can't really say one way or another. I thought once I was pregnant I would have a feeling one way or another. Nope. Just confusion. Even on-line tests tell me it is inconclusive. Too close to tell. Let's just hope the baby cooperates on Thursday so I can know and start decorating.

Enough of my chatter. Hope you all have a great week. 6 more days of class!!! YAHOO!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Beginnings

So I have a story to tell. I used to have a best friend (I have best bud now but this story is not about her). We met in middle school. We were friends all through high school. We became inseparable our senior year. She went off to college, I went to community college for a year. Then I transferred to the same college she went to - Michigan State. We became roommates. We ended up getting into the same college (inside the University you have to be accepted into a college which will determine your major - ours was business). We had the same classes, we got jobs at the same places, we worked the same shifts, we partied together, we dated dudes who were friends as well. Essentially we lived the same life. She had horrible taste in men and thought they were awesome. At least when I dated a loser I would say "yeah, I know he is a loser but I am just having fun."

It is important to note that she had a great deal of trouble holding her alcohol. I was kicked out of many bars because of her. She would start crying for no reason and if some dude took pity on her and asked her why she was crying she would point to me and whoever I was with and say we were being mean (because we did not respond to her tears) and then those dudes would try to start a fight with us. Ridiculous shit for anyone to have to put up with.

I met my husband through her and one of her loser boyfriends right before our senior year in college began. (These relationships were long distance as well - us girls in Michigan and the boys in Texas) As the year went on, it was obvious that my husband was awesome and her boyfriend was a total loser. He eventually quit calling and dumped her (we were stuck in the middle) and she had a total mental and emotional break down. She ruined MANY nights for us. At the end of the year I made the decision to move to Texas. Her response? "What about me?"

I wanted to say, "what about you?" This is about me. But I didn't. I was far to nice and invited her and another friend to move with me. BIG MISTAKE!!! The "other" friend ended up moving back after 3 months and it ended in a law suit about a year later. But my best friend and I continued on. We had different jobs but she could not handle it. She began to become more outrageous including physically attacking me and breaking in my door if I went in my bedroom and shut the door. Almost always alcohol was involved. I have never been a drama queen so I was VERY resentful by this point. I wrote her a letter and she decided to move back home.

We tried to stay friends. I went home for Christmas in 2002 and that New Year's Eve we went to a party. She was a total bitch. She called my husband names (he was nothing but SUPER nice to her) and then she began to cry. And that was it. I screamed at her in a bar. Later that night, I told her that was it. I would not tolerate it anymore. She left. I then wrote her a letter and said I could not be friends with her any longer. It was a poisonous relationship. I told her not only was she no longer in my wedding, she was not even invited to it.

I had not heard from her since. Over 7 years. Until a few weeks ago. I always knew I would hear from her again, I just assumed that it would be some part of a 12 step program.

She found me on facebook and started with an apology. I have been over this for years but I have no desire to relive a single moment. To my surprise she is married (and not divorced) and now a mother to a 7 month old little girl. She ended the email by saying that she is coming to town at the end of May. She wants to get together.

I was shocked that my husband and mother thought it was a good idea. I mean, seriously, we do not know how stable she is. However, I am all for new beginnings. For a life free from fat, a baby on the way, why not old friendships? We did have lots of fun along the way.

So we started emailing back and forth A LOT. It is hard to catch up on 7 years in email. She comes in next weekend. We will be getting together twice. Once, even at my house for a cookout with the boys and baby.

I am a little weirded out that the past can walk right back to you like that. I wonder how awkward it will be or if it will be like really old, good times.

Either way, it is an experience that life is providing and if I don't do it, I will always wonder about it. I will update you on this situation next weekend. I find it very interesting to think of the possible outcomes.

In a COMPLETELY unrelated story - I get my next ultrasound Thursday. Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will know what we are having. Also, there are 8 days of school left. HOORAY!!! I am sure no one cares but me, but I REALLY CARE!! And I got in the pool today. Started working on my tan. I heart summer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling a bit like arse.

Hey all. I finally have my internet back (let's hope for good). Sorry I have been absent. I have spent every spare moment this weekend sleeping. No lie. I took two naps today. As I got dressed to go to the gym I contemplated a second one but put it off until after my workout.

I have done no laundry, no grocery shopping, no cooking. I have done dishes but then I had to recover with a nap.

Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary. I knew it was coming but then it left my brain until the day before. So I told my hubby the 6th anniversary was the sock anniversary and bought him two packages of socks (because he needed them bad). He got me nothing because we were spending the day together and thought he would buy me something shopping. However, I never made it shopping so I asked for my internet back. It maybe a little late but he did deliver.

Lots has been going on actually. Even with all my sleep. I will explain in a longer post later. Interesting, bizarre stuff (to me anyway). 11 more days until my next ultrasound. I look forward to reading some blogs and sleeping. Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


200. Is this my new weight? Not quite. Although, I am not far off. I had a doc appointment today for the baby. In the past four weeks, I have gained 10 pounds. 10 pounds!!! That is an average of 2.5 pounds per week in the past month. That puts my total weight gain for pregnancy at 17 pounds. That is more than a pound a week thus far. Too much. The doc did not say anything but really, should she have to?

Oink, oink. I think part of the issue is lack of exercise from my stinking foot. I will try and get back to it tomorrow. So excited for that. The other part is too much food (I know, I am a genius to figure that out). Once people hear you are pregnant, they want to feed you. I have been eating out too much as well. I just need to refocus.

The baby's heart rate is good - 152 beats. The good news is they let me push up the date of the next sonogram a week so I can find out the sex before school is out. In 3 weeks (May 27th), I will know (hopefully). No excuses then. It will be time to paint, pick out furniture and the like.

Back to the title of my post. 200. That is the number of followers I have!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You are amazing. I love sharing this journey with you (although mine is going slightly in reverse at the moment). I cannot believe 200 followers. I don't get many comments anymore so that leads me to believe there are a lot of lurkers out there. I must admit, my Internet comes and goes so in order to read more blogs, I comment less which makes me a lurker myself. That will change with summer vacation. I will be harassing the crap out of you and your blogs so brace yourselves! And thank you so much for all your support!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Out

Well the good news is that I still feel good - stomach wise anyway. Sinus time. That is a little sucky. And I have been totally benched from exercise by the doc for an entire week! That is crazy! My foot has been hurting for 2 weeks. I exercised anyway. Thursday night I did turbo kickboxing. Friday morning my foot hurt so much it was hard to walk on. After school, I went to the doc. More plantars facitis and tendon/ligament problems. It is surprisingly painful. Way worse then when I had it before. Only icing and stretching for me now.

So I decided to go here:

Mayfest in Fort Worth. Lots of walking. I am sure this walking doesn't count, right?

This is my hubby drinking the margaritas that I couldn't. I found this stand funny. Ms. Piggys going places to stuff faces. It sold beans and rice, meat pies and fried oreos. Quite the combination. I got to eat a gyro - I "heart" greek food. There is like no greek food here. I did see LOTS of preggos eating their way through the fest. I felt like I had been called up to the mother ship.

I am off to buy a new ice pack for the foot. Hope you have a super weekend!