Thursday, May 6, 2010


200. Is this my new weight? Not quite. Although, I am not far off. I had a doc appointment today for the baby. In the past four weeks, I have gained 10 pounds. 10 pounds!!! That is an average of 2.5 pounds per week in the past month. That puts my total weight gain for pregnancy at 17 pounds. That is more than a pound a week thus far. Too much. The doc did not say anything but really, should she have to?

Oink, oink. I think part of the issue is lack of exercise from my stinking foot. I will try and get back to it tomorrow. So excited for that. The other part is too much food (I know, I am a genius to figure that out). Once people hear you are pregnant, they want to feed you. I have been eating out too much as well. I just need to refocus.

The baby's heart rate is good - 152 beats. The good news is they let me push up the date of the next sonogram a week so I can find out the sex before school is out. In 3 weeks (May 27th), I will know (hopefully). No excuses then. It will be time to paint, pick out furniture and the like.

Back to the title of my post. 200. That is the number of followers I have!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You are amazing. I love sharing this journey with you (although mine is going slightly in reverse at the moment). I cannot believe 200 followers. I don't get many comments anymore so that leads me to believe there are a lot of lurkers out there. I must admit, my Internet comes and goes so in order to read more blogs, I comment less which makes me a lurker myself. That will change with summer vacation. I will be harassing the crap out of you and your blogs so brace yourselves! And thank you so much for all your support!!!


Tricia said...

It's weird that baby hearts beat so fast. If we got up to that number, we'd either be running or in cardiac arrest :P

Congrats on the 200!

Melissa said...

200 Followers is a bunch! And you are doing just fine with the wegith gain. I am sure it was all even out in the end!

Alison said...

200 followers, way to go!
My best friend said no one believed her when she said she didn't plan to eat whatever she wanted and not worry about weight gain, she said everyone fed her and she didn't want to be "rude"
Stick with it, you will sort it all out.

cmoursler said...

Yeah on 200 followers.
Yeah on the baby being healthy and if you gain 1 lb a week through the whole pregnancy that's 40 lbs...half of which will be gone when You have the baby.
YOu are doing good. but saying no to friends with food is okay too.
So glad everything is going so well for you.
Keep up the good baby making work.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Are you nauseous at all? I had morning sickness for quite a while, not severe, just enough to make me eat, eat, eat. Only eating sugary carbs made it subside. Pregnancy is a tricky time...I felt like an alien had taken over in tasted so differently...smelled differently, too. Mostly not in a good way!

Whatever you do during your pregnancy, you'll take it off again. It's obvious that you are motivated!

I think you are doing GREAT!

Miz said...

harassing the crap out of people :)
why did that make me laugh.

Im not a lurker but for some reason have YET to cave to a google reader (thats what makes people a follower right?).

feels like too much pressure.

Rob Dyess said...

I feel like I am a follower... did I get counted in the 200?

Always enjoy!

Zentient said...

Hope all continues to go well with you pregnancy and your focus on your health during this time. One thing in your post, though, bothered me - "oink oink". I've struggled for years, and continue to deal with, degrading words and comments about my weight, both internal and from others. None of those words ever helped me in any way.

Cassie said...

Understand the weight thing. I have already hit the 200 mark. YIKES!! and I have been exercising. :( But I guess we just have to happy grateful that we are pregnant. right? We will kick butt afterwards. I go to my u/s this week to find out the sex. So understand how excited you are!! 152 is a good heartbear. The saying is that if your baby's heart beat is over 140 it is a girl, and under 140 a boy. Don't know how accurate that is. But I would take it with a grain of salt. Happy Mothers Day!

Cassie said...

sorry I meant heartbeat, not heartbear LOL

Corletta said...

I know that you must be excited to find out what you are having soon!! Man...that's so exciting!

Jenn said...

Okay, I'm so totally jealous that you get to find out the sex 2 weeks before I find out mine!!!!
I gained 6 pounds this past month - doc told me to "back off from the carbs", lol. I gotta get moving, too - I've been a couch potato lately!

Lindsay said...

I am new to your blog!!! Congrats on the baby! Woohoo on 200 followers too!

Losing it said...

gaining is hard when it comes to being prego, I have done it 4 times now...crazy! Just keep moving and don't eat crap foods and you will be just fine!