Tuesday, June 18, 2013


She's on a boat!! This was Mexico.

Texas bluebonnets. Tradition.

Easter (obviously). "What? Where is the chocolate?"

Michigan in March. Yup it snows a lot. 

First dentist appointment. She loved it.

We took Evie to Disney on Ice. 

Michigan ready.

 Cooking time.

A visit to ICE.

Hooray for SUMMER!!

#1 - I apologize for being gone for a year. So rude. I have missed reading all the blogs. I am so behind the times.

Let me see if I can catch you up quickly. Last sumer (after my last post) I found myself pregnant again (something we wanted and planned) but the Friday before school started (I am a teacher) I miscarried. It did not go as anticipated which made the year start roughly for me. I knew something was wrong all summer but I tried so hard to do things right hoping it could work out. But it didn't.

Here is the thing about miscarriage. Even if you anticipate it, you are not ready for it. My mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts day and night that I could not control. I felt so robbed. I went through waves of emotion. Sometimes I was bitter. But not many people knew (especially at work) so I had to keep that roller coaster to myself a lot of times. I ate more. I put on some pounds.

I decided to enjoy my daughter Evie (who is now 2 and a half) and if we had another okay, if not that was fine too. I worked hard at school. I was put on too many committees but my classroom was awesome. I had a good group of kids. No one was defiant for the first time in a long time. I was even named teacher of the year for my campus. A great honor.

Late in 2012 I discovered I was pregnant again. We didn't tell anyone. Nothing is worse than telling people you aren't pregnant anymore. The holidays were hard. There were things I couldn't do and couldn't say why. But then that ultrasound day came. All day I wanted to throw up. Scariest moment of the year. And then....a heart beat. Sigh of relief.

This pregnancy has been just like the first in the way of being uneventful (the way we like it). I am currently 32 weeks with a baby boy. Evie seems like she is ready and kind of excited but we will see what happens when he gets here.

This year has been super busy with work and I have wanted to spend every other moment with Evie. She has kept me busy with swim lessons and her little gym classes. We have also traveled a bit. We have been to Michigan 3 times (my home state), Kansas twice (husband's home state) and took Evie on her first trip to Mexico (my husband turned 40 and we wanted to do something big). We have also gotten big girl furniture, put together a new baby room and gotten potty trained.

It's been eventful. It's been hard. I've cried (which is rare for me). I've laughed. I've worked out a little but not much. These hormones are messing me up. But that is my new goal for after the baby - return to fitness. For now I am exhausted.

I hope all is well with everyone. I will post some more recent pics. I just need to find them....