Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warning for people with dogs....

Remember how I told you a lot happened on Monday? Well one of my lovely dogs was crying. I went to look for her. I found her in the baby's room. With a big pile of loose, bloody stool - on my new carpet! I do care more about the dog but man.....why on the carpet? I could not get into the vet until about 7 hours later. Turns out she has bacteria in her bowels along with a parasite. Then the vet proceeds to tell me that it can be transmitted to me. Just what a prego wants to hear. She may have a parasite. It was after hours so I had to call the on-call doc (just happened to be me doc). No major worries, even if I had it, it would stay in the intestines - yuck!

Dog is on meds and feels better now. I asked how she got it. Could be from soil (she likes to eat dirt) or from puddles of rain water (I let my dogs drink from puddles everyday on walks). SO PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS DRINK FROM PUDDLES. Unless you want to clean up nastiness.

I also called and got my glucose test results and I passed with flying colors! My score was 82 and they want it under 140. Yahoo!!!

I am going out of town again in about 2 minutes. So I leave you with some nursery pics. Finishing the crib makes it seem so real. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Basics with Hubby

Tonight hubby and I took a baby basics class (for him, not me). It was at the hospital for 2 and 1/2 hours. Lots of couples. Many questions. Discussions followed. So proud of my hubby for taking notes. He had me read his notes. Here they are. I am writing them just as he did.

Baby Basics
  1. Bumper pads will kill baby.
  2. Blankets will kill baby, turn heat up instead.
  3. Stuffed animals assassinate baby.
  4. Books are bad.
  5. Babies like to listen to hair dryers or vacuums.
  6. It is important to have a pediatrician, you do need one.
  7. Girl in the back does not remember having her umbilical cord (yes, she actually said this). She thinks she did not have one or that it was cut off.
  8. Baby clothes are fire-proof - good for racing (I am not sure where this came from).
  9. Books have people's opinions in them.
  10. Using water out of the fridge is bad for babies.
  11. Babies temperatures are high like dogs. 104 is when you have to worry.

Please note we do not actually believe these things. Hubby tends to be a smart-ass and was making fun of one girl in class. Thanks to her we got off track MANY times. Questions were also asked like "If my baby has an outie belly button, what did I do wrong? I want an innie." I tried not to laugh and time flew by. We did learn a few actual things. I wrote those down.

The surprising part is that we were all older parents to be in there. I am 32, hubby is 37. There were many people older than us in there. I would think some of these questions would have been asked by teenagers. Oh well, more entertainment for me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weight Update and Baby Shower #1 Pics

First of all, I wanted to update you. Friday I went to the doc. Glucose test. If I failed, I have yet to hear. I was measuring at 28 weeks - a little large but they are not concerned. However, my weight gain was more than needed - AGAIN. My total weight gain now is at 39 pounds. Seriously, I don't know anyone who works out as much as I do and puts on weight this fast. I am facinating, even to myself. Put myself back to strictly counting calories today. 2000 per day. I am ending the day around 1900. I am happy with that. I HAVE GOT TO GET SOME OF THIS OFF. I am okay with it coming off of me while going on her. I am still being healthy with vitamins, skim milk, tons of water, lots of fresh veggies and fruit.

I have to say that is what pisses me off about the 39 pounds. You would think I am eating everything in sight and not telling myself no to anything. If I was going to gain like this I should have stopped exercising and ate McDonalds everyday. But I have done nothing even close to this. It is rare that I even have a drink with sugar in it. I drink so much water, I could be a sprinkler. Oh well, I can only try and fix it from here. Won't be easy since I am leaving town again. And now I have to go to the doc every 2 weeks. Not much time to get my act together.

Enough of that. On with baby shower pics.

Ever been to Caddo, Oklahoma? No? You are not missing much. This place is on the side of the highway (literally). After years of laughing at it (it used to be called the Beef 'n Bean), hubby decided we had to stop. This sign is the best part about this place.
Poor kid without a name. Her cake still turned out cute. Safari theme, like her room.

My sister-in-law, me and my mother-in-law.

Man we got a ton of stuff! Even more stuff arrived after I opened all of these. My Rav4 was full on the way home.

My in-laws are farmers. My father-in-law loves John Deere. He has been in their commercials and advertisements. There are lots of John Deere things in the family. This was a hand-me-down from one of the cousins.

Man, little kids love presents. Okay, so do I.
Hubby's cousin is pregnant and due about 3 weeks after me. She looks so cute but feels sick. She is in the pink. I am in black.
I know I am 5'10 but man I feel huge next to everyone.
My mother-in-law has a pool and bought misters for the kids to play in. This is what my niece did with it.
Hubby was not forgotten. He did get a gift or two.

I spent most of today cutting off tags and taking things out of boxes. There is a lot of trash now. So glad best bud and the twins helped. More happened today but this post is long enough. Perhaps I will post more tomorrow!
Have a super terrific day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am in love with someone else

I went to my hubby's home town for a baby shower. I fell in love with someone else. I cannot lie about it. My husband knows. Others may know as well. The name is Charli. She is the 5 year old daughter of one of hubby's best buds. Now I have met/talked to Charli many times before. She has always been charming but she is beyond any other 5 year old I have ever met (and I taught kindergarten for a few years). She had a birthday party on Friday night so we got to go and it was awesome. Loved talking to her. Here she is.....

She came up with a recipe the other night, on her own. So she wrote it down and her parents made it. It was for herbed chicken quesadillas (I think someone has seen the cooking channel a time or two). Evidently they were pretty darn good. I asked her what she did with the basil in it. She said, "I minced it." OMG!!! Totally love her.

Saturday she came to my shower. We were eating BBQ. When I sat next to her we talked more about food. One of the cousin's kids came out talking about brownies. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Oh, you like brownies Eli?

Eli (cousin's kid): Well my mom made them, so yeah.

Me: Really? Cause my mom makes pork chops that are super disgusting. You don't always have to like what your mom makes (Eli runs in the house).

Charli (whispering to me): My mom makes chicken pot pie and it is the most horrible-est thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Me (turning to Charli's mother): Dude, I love your kid. She is bagging on your chicken pot pie. It is good to be honest.

Charli's mom: Not everyone would agree with you about my chicken pot pie.

Charli (with big eyes): I think so.

Holy cow!!! I want this kid. Not bratty. Super polite. Obviously intelligent with personality coming out of every pore. The twins are going to make fantastic "big sisters" to the baby but I think we could make room for one more. Oh and she has an adorable 1 and 1/2 year old brother too.

Between best bud's twins and kids like Charli, my kid does not stand a chance. So I am hoping they will rub off on her and show her the way.

Yes there are more pictures and more to post about. I am laughing as I think about it. However, you know what it is like to be in love. It has to be the first thing you talk about!! Oh, I think hubby is okay with my new love. There is still room for him in my heart too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank You Bloggy Friends!!!

You are awesome!!! You gave me terrific ideas. I just wish I had more time to put some of them together (my bad). I went with Bath and Body Works gift sets. I think I found some to match each person. And in my mind, worse case, if they do not like it, they can shove it in a guest bathroom (or possibly re-gift). I think I know them all well enough that this will work.

Thanks again for all your ideas. I shall save them for the next event. I have my super fun glucose test in the morning. I am not exactly looking forward to sitting in the doc office for over an hour. I also do not have high hopes of passing this test. Not sure why, I have always had normal blood sugar levels. Just a hunch I guess. Maybe I will be wrong (it has been known to happen once).

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend. I plan to post pics from the first baby shower next week. Stay tuned......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comments Needed Please!!!

I am in a bit of a pickle. I have a baby shower on Saturday. It is the first for our baby. It will be held at my mother-in-law's home, hosted by my sister-in-law and two of hubby's cousins.

Where I come from, when someone hosts a shower for you, the shower recipient gets the hosts (hostesses) a gift. My mother would be humiliated if I did not do this. I want to do this. I like them all. They are beyond SUPER nice. The question is, what do I get?

For my wedding, it was hosted by my MIL and hubby's aunts so we got them patio dining wear. Super cute!

Problem - these ladies all live in different cities very far from me. I do not want to buy them trinkety crap. They are all mothers and have gotten enough of that in life.

I was thinking a pedicure would be a great gift for all of them. However, they all live far (I mean over 6 hours) and I do not know which place they like. I am tempted to give them all some cash to go get pedicures. Too tacky?

Do you have any better suggestions? Please let me know!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life at my house....

Life at my house is always interesting. Yesterday I was signed up to take a breastfeeding class at the hospital. I signed my husband up too (the computer program made me). I had no intention of making him go. Last week after we left the childbirth class he said he had seen enough boobies. Once I got there, I saw I was the only one there without their husband. I sent him a text to tell him he was a lucky bastard. While I was gone, he made this:

That would be a blurry 3.5 pound cheeseburger. He was inspired by a place he went with his buds this weekend. I worry about the things he will teach our daughter. I know we live in Texas but bigger is not always better.....especially with food.

So when I got home he wanted to know how class was. I told him it was kind of weird because they made us pull our boobs out and they had these life-like dolls that could suck like real babies. Now this was a complete lie. If they asked me to do that, I would have left. The worst I saw was a video of breast feeding. Mostly it was just informative. So I am proud of myself for not laughing while telling him this. This was his reaction:

Hubby: You had to pull out your boob in front of all those other guys?

Me: Yep. Weird, huh?

Hubby: Man I sure am glad I didn't go.

Me: Why? You don't want to see my boob?

Hubby: No. I have seen your boobs. I do not want to see those other people's boobs. And the videos? They find the grossest people for those. Hey, want to see the pictures of my burger?

That is what life is like at my house. I never told him the truth. I am hoping he will tell this story to someone else and they will laugh at him for believing it. Or perhaps he will only ever talk about his epic burger for the rest of his life.

In other news - I am still exercising a lot. Last week I did weight training 3 times (bodypump) and 3 one hour cardio sessions (body attack, turbo kickboxing). I also walked the dogs everyday. I am also eating pretty well. I am all of a sudden not liking fruit again. I am so sick of it (but still making myself eat it for baby girl) that I have turned to drinking fruit smoothies. I did that the past 2 days and today I ate an apple with peanut butter. Something to help me want to eat it. Sad. I am like a small child sometimes.

Hope you all are having a great week!! Stay cool. Cause man is is HOT!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Fattiversary!

Yesterday was July 15th. That would be my 2nd fattiversary. Ironically, I weigh close to what I did last summer. I did lose more weight but the pregnancy has the scale going back up. Even though I was not at my goal weight and size for too long (about 4 months or so) before the pregnancy took over, there are some things I miss. ALOT. Here they are:
  1. Working out at a lighter weight (meaning my body) and doing all the high-intensity moves that I love.
  2. Diet Coke. Drinking diet coke. Every day. Even though it was one can a day, I loved it. Sweet, sweet diet coke.
  3. Shopping. Or at least trying on lots of clothes at Banana Republic (my favorite store after weight loss).
  4. My jeans. jeans.....the size 10 Banana Republic jeans that I love. I wonder if I will ever get back into them.
  5. Sleeping on my belly. It hurts to sleep on my right side so that leaves me the left side. One position. It is hard to sleep in one position all night (minus all the bathroom breaks).

Despite all my complaining, I am really excited about having a daughter (she still has no name, we call her baby girl). In fact, as of today there are 100 days until my due date. After she comes, I am also excited about trying to get back to where I was when I got pregnant. It will be a whole new challenge.

This weekend I will be 26 weeks along. Here is an updated baby bulge picture for you! She is super active which is kind of fun. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging Comes to Life!

It has been a busy week since returning from vacation. Hanging out and catching up. Getting the baby's room ready (a little anyway). I have been working out hard (well, my usual). I also got to have a nice little visit with some fellow bloggers. You may recognize them. See the picture below.

I am on the left (forgive the yucky appearance but that is what I actually look like). The pretty young girl in the middle is A Merry Life. The handsome young gentleman on the end is author of The Fat Lazy Guy's Log. He traveled all the way from New Zealand and is road tripping across America with his lady. They are so cute and sweet. Super nice folks with awesome blogs. We went out for Texas BBQ (read we fed them big, smoky mounds of food). We spent the next day at Hurricane Harbor water park. I heart water parks. Although I mostly people watched, it was quite entertaining. And these two fellow bloggers went on like every ride. They have no fear!! I desperately wanted to try the surfing rides but my baby bump prohibits me. Maybe next year!! Hope you all are enjoying your week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Took me by SURPRISE!

When I was home I had to stop at the grocery store to get some lemons for my mother. While at the check out, the only magazine there was Family Circle. It was the August issue. At the beginning of July. So I flipped through and there I was. On page 142. I could not help myself but throw it in my husband's face and shout "It's me!" The people behind us in line could not believe it (maybe because of my huge belly now). So I bought 5 copies and then gave them to the family that came over that day and finally got myseld a copy yesterday. My 15 seconds of semi-fame. Check it out next time you are at the store.

Hubby and I went to a childbirth preparedness class all day yesterday. Some good info, some funny stuff, lots of videos and posters. Here is my favorite. The other folks in class did not laugh, just me. I wonder why?

Tools for labor? Fear, tension and pain. Sounds like a winner. And seriously? It looks like it was created in the 60s. I hope the tools used during labor are a little more advanced and impressive. Especially the pain meds.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Back to Reality

On the way home from Michigan, we stopped at the farm (my in-laws house). Here is a rare picture - me barefoot and pregnant and doing dishes.

But now I am home and spending time with the twins (2 year old god-daughters) and best bud. They were so missed. I look forward to catching up on your blogs!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Vacation

Hello all! I am still on vacation but just thought I would drop in for a moment. Today was the 4th of July and my folks wanted to do their favorite activity. This is what it looked like from my perspective (that is my ma up in front of me).

Yup, we went kayaking. It was very fun. Especially when my ma said "follow me" and then got stuck on some rocks. I made a sharp turn when she said (from perched upon some rocks) "um....don't go this way" a nice young man helped push her off since I was laughing and crying so hard that I got turned around and stuck on a tree while trying to get a picture. I seriously laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Ah, memories.
Hope you had a great Independence Day!! I hope to catch up on your blogs soon!