Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Fattiversary!

Yesterday was July 15th. That would be my 2nd fattiversary. Ironically, I weigh close to what I did last summer. I did lose more weight but the pregnancy has the scale going back up. Even though I was not at my goal weight and size for too long (about 4 months or so) before the pregnancy took over, there are some things I miss. ALOT. Here they are:
  1. Working out at a lighter weight (meaning my body) and doing all the high-intensity moves that I love.
  2. Diet Coke. Drinking diet coke. Every day. Even though it was one can a day, I loved it. Sweet, sweet diet coke.
  3. Shopping. Or at least trying on lots of clothes at Banana Republic (my favorite store after weight loss).
  4. My jeans. jeans.....the size 10 Banana Republic jeans that I love. I wonder if I will ever get back into them.
  5. Sleeping on my belly. It hurts to sleep on my right side so that leaves me the left side. One position. It is hard to sleep in one position all night (minus all the bathroom breaks).

Despite all my complaining, I am really excited about having a daughter (she still has no name, we call her baby girl). In fact, as of today there are 100 days until my due date. After she comes, I am also excited about trying to get back to where I was when I got pregnant. It will be a whole new challenge.

This weekend I will be 26 weeks along. Here is an updated baby bulge picture for you! She is super active which is kind of fun. Hope you all have a great weekend!


JewliaGoulia said...

Happy Fattiversary, lol!

You look beautiful. . . seriously. And that bump? It's barely a bump at all.

SO excited for you!

TJ said...

you look beautiful! :)

Crys said...

We can just call your baby girl "Crys" in the meantime! You look fabulous too. I know so many people who get pregnant and say eff it. You're doing the right thing just by being conscious of what you're doing! Super excited for you! You really look adorable!

F. McButter Pants said...

You're adorable! You about the same amount preggers as my daughter. I have no doubt you will see those size 10's again.

athinnerkatie said...

You look amazing. I am not sure if you plan to or not, but if you breastfeed you will lose 500 calories a day. I think that is the reason most my weight started coming off so fast in the beginning.

If you don't plan to well you know what to do better than anyone. It will come off.

I am jealous that you look pregnant, I look like you do now, without even being pregnant=)

Cassie said...

Love the pic!! I haven't put one up of me yet. I want to know where you got the shorts. I likey!! Glad everything is going well. Hey I was going to let you know that I have been doing 10 minute prenatal pilates and I really like it. I can do 10 all the way to 50 minutes if I want. I usually do about 20 minutes I got it on amazon for like $7.00 I love it. My hubby does P90x and is currently doing insanity and he was even getting a workout when I begged him to do it with me. Just don't use 20lbs weights like he did. He had to stop in the middle and get different weights. LOL Waiting to hear the name you pick out.

Jenn said...

You look terrific!!! I also saw your write up in Family Circle yesterday - AWESOME!!!!

Joy said...

Won't be long before you can get back to your normal body and routine (well whatever that means with a new baby). Just enjoy every minute ~ this is a precious time!!! You look great by the way!! Hugs!

CJ said...

Ah the pregnancy glow! You look beautiful! I'm jealous ;). I am trying to lose weight to start a family too. Thats my motivation.

Wandering Sage said...

Looking fantastic!
...and stay away from that diet coke!

kristi said...

You are a cutie pie!!! I am trying to lose 74 pounds, so far I have lost 24. It is harder this time!

Traveliztera said...

You still look gorgeous! :D

Cngrats on your baby!!! :D I'm sure she's totally wonderful!