Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Enough already. Tomorrow my baby is 6 weeks old and the time has come to get back on the health horse. No more excuses about breast milk supply. I only used excuses with myself.

I am back to my hard core workout classes at the gym and personal training. I am having a hard reminder of what it is like to be heavier. I was sore from personal training and had to do a ton of jumping jacks. Nothing feels more miserable than fat flapping around on sore muscles. My joints hurt from the extra weight. Time to start getting rid of it.

Last night I FINALLY stepped on the scale and had one of the girls take my measurements. Let's just say I have a HUGE mountain to climb. You know how I said I gained a lot in my thighs? Well it turns out to be 7 inches - PER THIGH. Holy cow!!

I also need to lose about 70 pounds. Yup, 70. I miss my size 10 clothes. Not sure if I will ever get back in them but I am going to try.


Exercise is not my problem. It is all food now. I discovered this morning that I have turned myself into a sugar addict. I ate a healthy breakfast and just craved a cookie. The problem is that 1 cookie leads to 3 cookies. I out lasted the craving. I will just have to do that over and over until I have broken this AWFUL habit.

When I lost all my weight before I ate 1600 calories. Since I do still need to produce breast milk I am giving myself 2000 for now. I know it will suck starting this now but I cannot afford to let it go until January. I can do A LOT of damage in a small period of time.

Here is to no more mom jeans!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Evie and I made her first cake - pumpkin gooey butter cake. Yup, just as healthy as it sounds. She has been a little fussy which means she has been on my chest for most of the past 2 days. This cake has a 30 min. prep time. With 5 week old Evie, it took 2 hours and 5 mins. Quality time and memories!!
Hope you had a great holiday!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Week of Firsts

Fun in photos. Disclaimer - I am a new mom and I am lucky to get a shower on a daily basis. That said, the 5K was done at night (to see the Xmas lights) so there was no need to look good. I cropped out my thighs (which are super ginormous) so at least I saved you that pain. I was just excited for Evie's 1st 5K.

In the past 3 days, Evie did her 1st 5K and saw (or slept through) her 1st Xmas light show, met Santa for the 1st time and met my class for the 1st time. She sure is fun!
Want to know how we finished in the 5K? Pretty close to last. We finished in 59 minutes 45 seconds. We walked with friends (shout out to best bud and the fam) and started at the back of the pack. I do believe we were even passed by little old ladies at some point. Oh well. We were not in it to race. Maybe we will do better at the turkey trot on Thursday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am a mom now.

Yep. I am a mom now. That is my current identity - mom of a newborn. I have to pump my breast milk all day so I am pretty much tied to the house most of the day. Which sucks because I want to be out doing more with her. I am exercising but is hard on sleep deprived days.

This week I did body attack at home (which I had to pause half way and feed my baby all sweaty), turbo kick boxing at the gym (after 20 minutes my muscles felt 300 times heavier but I finished - slowly), met with my personal trainer (my lower back and left knee are super weak) and walked the rest of the days. Tonight Evie and I are doing our first 5K. We get to look at Xmas lights so it should be fun, if she feels good.

I belong to the mom's group that best bud runs so we did our first art project. I say we - I mean I held the baby's hand and best bud did all the work. Thanks best bud!!

I went to the doc and was released from whatever restrictions I was supposed to be enforcing. They said I lost a bunch of weight but I still do not want to know the number.

So my life is trying to do 1 thing a day out of the house. It is hard to even get laundry and showering done. Babies are a lot of work. She is now a month old. It feels like we may never have a schedule. She is still a REALLY good baby but has trouble pooping. It makes her all squirmy and uncomfortable through out the day. The doc says she will get over this, but when?

I pretty much live in my pajamas and watch TONS of television. I am not proud but my options are limited. I do play with Evie, read to her, sing to her and take her outside but her waking hours are limited. I feel like a lazy slug that eats all day. Hopefully this feeling shall pass because I REALLY enjoy interacting with my sweet baby.

As I type this, Evie is snoozing on my lap. I leave you with that image and say - ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and the holiday rapidly approaching! Evie, hubs and I will be doing the turkey trot Thursday morning!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unmistakable sounds of the past

This week has been adjustment. No more grandparents around - I actually get to hold my baby again during daylight hours. We are working on a schedule and working on Evie's digestive issues. Here are a few things I want to address in this post.

  1. I named my daughter Evie. It is pronounced with a long e like in the name Eve. It is not short for Evelyn (which for some reason some of my family members thought). It is not short for anything. Just Evie. I only post this because people have asked.
  2. If I get one more anonymous comment advertising some super crappy penile enlargement cream from a foreign sounding person I may scream. So I have changed the settings on my comments. NO MORE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS!!! Suck on that a-holes whom no one wants to read comments from anyway!
  3. On to the title of my post - read on.

During my pregnancy I gained somewhere between 40 and 70 pounds. When the doc office told my I had gained 38 I would no longer let them tell me my weight. I am pretty hopefully it was less than 70 but I still have not gotten on a scale so I am not for sure. I do not want to be upset by it. Currently I am going by how clothes fit. Either way, I have a lot of work to do. However - my daughter was totally worth it! Even if I had gained back every pound I lost, all 115 of them.

Sidenote - I cannot help but think that if I had not lost the weight prior to getting pregnant by the end I could have easily weighed 350+ pounds. I am fairly certain that would have put me on medicine and bed rest. I am not a fan of either so I am TOTALLY grateful that I lost the weight first even if that means I have to lose it again now.

I was excited to put on my workout clothes, grab my daughter and my awesome BOB jogging stroller and head to the park for some serious walking.

I have been feeling good, not too disappointed by my body, just trying to get back in a groove. I even went to the gym my first week home. So I was pretty proud and eager to walk at the park. And then I heard it. It echoed LOUDLY in my ears. It could not be ignored. An unmistakable sound from my past....my super obese past. My thighs rubbing together in my workout clothes. I was slightly crushed but yet I walked. With speed and purpose. Yet I heard it over and over.

I knew I had gained a lot of weight in my thighs. It must be worked on. It must be reduced. I just have a feeling it will take longer to get rid of this time. At least I know it can be done. It shall be done again!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Bud is the BEST!!!

This is Best Bud. She is without a doubt the best friend anyone could have. Neither of us has family near where we live so we are our own family. 1st let me say that she helped deliver my daughter. She came in the middle of the night on no sleep with a smile on her face. She had to help me to the restroom, entertain me and had to help with the actual delivery. Then while this was going on, she was also the photographer. SHE IS AMAZING!!!

She also took photos this week and fixed them to be SUPER cute like this.
Who doesn't like naked babies? And yes, Evie did pooh while trying to capture these gems.

So small yet so cute and SO LOVED!!

THANK YOU BEST BUD!!! You have helped to make our lives so wonderful. We are blessed. You will forever and always be our family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Belated Halloween!

She is only little once so I have decided to torture her before she can complain.