Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am a mom now.

Yep. I am a mom now. That is my current identity - mom of a newborn. I have to pump my breast milk all day so I am pretty much tied to the house most of the day. Which sucks because I want to be out doing more with her. I am exercising but is hard on sleep deprived days.

This week I did body attack at home (which I had to pause half way and feed my baby all sweaty), turbo kick boxing at the gym (after 20 minutes my muscles felt 300 times heavier but I finished - slowly), met with my personal trainer (my lower back and left knee are super weak) and walked the rest of the days. Tonight Evie and I are doing our first 5K. We get to look at Xmas lights so it should be fun, if she feels good.

I belong to the mom's group that best bud runs so we did our first art project. I say we - I mean I held the baby's hand and best bud did all the work. Thanks best bud!!

I went to the doc and was released from whatever restrictions I was supposed to be enforcing. They said I lost a bunch of weight but I still do not want to know the number.

So my life is trying to do 1 thing a day out of the house. It is hard to even get laundry and showering done. Babies are a lot of work. She is now a month old. It feels like we may never have a schedule. She is still a REALLY good baby but has trouble pooping. It makes her all squirmy and uncomfortable through out the day. The doc says she will get over this, but when?

I pretty much live in my pajamas and watch TONS of television. I am not proud but my options are limited. I do play with Evie, read to her, sing to her and take her outside but her waking hours are limited. I feel like a lazy slug that eats all day. Hopefully this feeling shall pass because I REALLY enjoy interacting with my sweet baby.

As I type this, Evie is snoozing on my lap. I leave you with that image and say - ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND and the holiday rapidly approaching! Evie, hubs and I will be doing the turkey trot Thursday morning!


Tina said...

She is so sweet! Enjoy the sitting around in your jammies with nothing to do but hold, snuggle and smell her. It goes TOO FAST and you will wish you had more time to do it!

F. McButter Pants said...

She's a beauty. Enjoy the moment, though that's sometimes easier said then done. Congrats on the ton of weight loss. Whatever the number may be.

Welcome to the Mom Club! You're doing great.

mommaof3ontherun said...

Congrats. Babies are a lot of work! Consider getting a sling or a Baby Bjorn...they were life savers for me! Don't put too much pressure on yourself! You will figure it all out! There will be hard times, so you have to be patient with yourself!

She is a doll! Enjoy! There is nothing like a baby!!!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awwww. Too cute.

Sorry things aren't all perfect right now, but I suppose that's the way, huh.

Stay awesome!

CJ said...

So cute!! I went awwww! And I am having a baby fever right now :) . Babies are a lot of work :) I have been told so by everyone! Hope you gat into some kind of routine soon :)

carla said...

so flipping cute.
and a carnival ride huh

I know it well :)


Losing 100 said...

I can totally understand you!! My little bean is 11 weeks old tomorrow. It is so hard to find the time to exercise. We've had those sweaty nursing moments too! Between her and my five others life has been CRAZY but great.

ladyofthehouse said...

She is so sweet!!
I remember those newborn days very well. For a time I felt like I was in a cave. I remember striving to be both mommy and an individual. Very shortly though, you'll find yourself being able to get out more and feel more like yourself. You're doing great!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

Linda Pressman said...

I remember with my newborns that if I got in the shower by 5 pm that was a really good day! I had to set up a contained kind of bouncy so each of them couldn't get into any trouble and then hope I could get through a shower! The first time I actually got to leave the house and go back to my exercise class I cried nearly all the way through it.

Jenn said...

Awe, look at her!!! So cute!!!

Be kind to yourself, mom. Having a newborn = unpredictability. As soon as you think she's on a schedule - BAM! She'll change it up on you. Just go with the flow and enjoy this time - it goes by too fast!

Lisa said...

she;s a doll!