Friday, March 18, 2011

WARNING: Super Tacky Post

I am not kidding. I am about to be tacky. This is the real me. If you are sensitive to people being politically correct, skip this post.

I have not been hard core about weight loss lately, this is not new. But I am uncomfortable (I also broke a toe that is finally better). I am going on vacation in 3 months. The time has come to get a little more serious.

I still watch weight loss shows for inspiration. And today I saw a good one. On A&E Monday nights there is a show called Heavy. Seriously overweight people (we are talking 400-600 pounds sometimes) diet and workout for 6 months and lose weight. This week's episode was good! There was a midget. He was super obese. 4'2 and 240 pounds. He lost about 70 pounds. I watched him go from rolling off a couch to doing some serious workouts. Talk about limitations in exercise. This was one bad-ass little midget.

I am signed up for a 5K on April 16th. I fully expect to have to walk it. But I am trying to see if I can run a little of it. So Wednesday I started slogging (slow jogging) with Evie. My muscles were sore from a workout and jiggly fat does not help so I walked a lot. Today, I tried again. I slogged farther by going in intervals and repeating this phrase in my head "fat midget, fat midget." Tacky? Yes, I know, but it worked! I noticed 2 things. #1 - very labored breathing and #2 - my super-sized thighs make it more difficult to slog. Things to work on.

I then went to a super cardio zumba class, came home and walked a little more. I need to amp up workouts and start working more on the diet. I need to work in phases like before and I can be successful. Some of this is harder this go around. I guess because I know how fit I can be so it is frustrating not getting right back to that point.

Here is why I have absent from blogging:

She loves to swing!
Sliding at the park!
Hanging in her crib, playing with toys way more.
Just being cute!
Enjoying her 1st St. Patty's Day Party.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One more update

Hmmmm. Interesting day. Lots of laundry. Fun time spent with Evie. And then we went shopping. 2 stores. LONG lines. However, and here is the update, I bought pants that are a size smaller than I bought at New Years. Actually, a pair of shorts and two pairs of jean capris. So maybe I will lose my weight sloooowly. Encouraging.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Here is my update. I am still fat. I still have not gotten on a scale. I am pretty sure last Friday I broke my little toe. I still did a little weight training and a few days of high impact cardio. I only ate healthy about 65% of the time. Super duper stressful week at work. But, I did get a new camera! Here are a few pics from this week. (Sorry this blog has taken such a turn, has not been about weight loss in quite a while).

Evie helping me test the camera.
Trying headbands.

Getting to eat food is very exciting!
Playing after bath time.

Super proud of herself for finally rolling over back to front un-assisted tonight. Her first time!!

I am sure I will get back to the business of caring and REALLY trying to lose weight but right now I am just so into my time with Evie that it is difficult. That, and I am still sleep deprived. Hope all is well from my bloggy friends!!