Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unmistakable sounds of the past

This week has been adjustment. No more grandparents around - I actually get to hold my baby again during daylight hours. We are working on a schedule and working on Evie's digestive issues. Here are a few things I want to address in this post.

  1. I named my daughter Evie. It is pronounced with a long e like in the name Eve. It is not short for Evelyn (which for some reason some of my family members thought). It is not short for anything. Just Evie. I only post this because people have asked.
  2. If I get one more anonymous comment advertising some super crappy penile enlargement cream from a foreign sounding person I may scream. So I have changed the settings on my comments. NO MORE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS!!! Suck on that a-holes whom no one wants to read comments from anyway!
  3. On to the title of my post - read on.

During my pregnancy I gained somewhere between 40 and 70 pounds. When the doc office told my I had gained 38 I would no longer let them tell me my weight. I am pretty hopefully it was less than 70 but I still have not gotten on a scale so I am not for sure. I do not want to be upset by it. Currently I am going by how clothes fit. Either way, I have a lot of work to do. However - my daughter was totally worth it! Even if I had gained back every pound I lost, all 115 of them.

Sidenote - I cannot help but think that if I had not lost the weight prior to getting pregnant by the end I could have easily weighed 350+ pounds. I am fairly certain that would have put me on medicine and bed rest. I am not a fan of either so I am TOTALLY grateful that I lost the weight first even if that means I have to lose it again now.

I was excited to put on my workout clothes, grab my daughter and my awesome BOB jogging stroller and head to the park for some serious walking.

I have been feeling good, not too disappointed by my body, just trying to get back in a groove. I even went to the gym my first week home. So I was pretty proud and eager to walk at the park. And then I heard it. It echoed LOUDLY in my ears. It could not be ignored. An unmistakable sound from my super obese past. My thighs rubbing together in my workout clothes. I was slightly crushed but yet I walked. With speed and purpose. Yet I heard it over and over.

I knew I had gained a lot of weight in my thighs. It must be worked on. It must be reduced. I just have a feeling it will take longer to get rid of this time. At least I know it can be done. It shall be done again!


LauraLynne said...

I will be watching with great intrest as you go through the post baby weight. thanks for being open about all of it - it's very helpful

And I don't have any penile advice for you ;)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

You are going to be FINE..really! I gained over 80 pounds during my pregnancy (NOT good), and struggled with my weight before that. I am not naturally thin.

I was 200 pounds (at 5'4") 6 weeks after delivery. That was November of 2003. I promised myself I'd lose it, no matter how long it took. With healthy eating and exercise, I'd dropped it all by May of 2004 - in fact, I was in better shape than I was pre-pregnancy! (We won't talk about how I regained/lost it/regained it all again through emotional eating...I don't call myself a yo-yo dieter for nothing!)

Where there's a will (and you have it), there's a way. You've done it before - you'll do it again! You've already just keep going. Your daughter has a strong smart mama.

Sarah said...

Thanks for telling us how to pronounce Evie's name. I love it either way and was curious how you pronounced it because I worked with a gal (spelled Evi) that pronounced it with the short e.

I am impressed by your commitment to get back to a healthier weight after birth. The biggest reason I am on this journey is because I HAVE to get to a healthier weight before I get pregnant. My clock is ticking so it is so tempting to go ahead with it, but your post reminded me that it is worth waiting 6 or 12 months if I can get to a healthier place.

135by2012 said...

I lost 30lbs very quickly the three months after birth. I totally gained a ton of weight in my thighs too. What is with that? Even my husband noticed and said something.

I am looking forward to witnessing getting your groove back.

F. McButter Pants said...

You know what to do! Rememeber, your body just did something amazing.

Give yourself a break.

Anonymous said...

I know you can do it! Evie sounds darling and more than worth everything. :D

CJ said...

I love the name! Its great :)

I am sure you will get back to your pre-preg fitness level in no time! You definitely know what to do :) Good luck

TJ said...

I second F. McButter did this for a reason and were blessed with a beautiful daughter. You will get back in the routine and lose weight. You ( & I ) know you can do it! :) You go girl!

Miss S. said...

You know what I chant in my head when I hear that noise? Thin Thighs/Tight Ass, Thin Thighs/Tight Ass, Thin Thighs/Tight Ass.......of course admitting it to the world it sounds kind of ridiculous. But it works for me!

I love your solid awareness of what could have been had you not committed to losing before.

Aimee said...

hi, pretty lady. who sucks and hadn't even checked to see pics of your daughter until now? that'd be me. OMG - what a beauty she is. I LOVE THAT HAIR.

shoot me an email soon and let me know how all that new mom stuff is going. or

miss hearing from ya!!!!

love and hugs and all that good stuff,