Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Enough already. Tomorrow my baby is 6 weeks old and the time has come to get back on the health horse. No more excuses about breast milk supply. I only used excuses with myself.

I am back to my hard core workout classes at the gym and personal training. I am having a hard reminder of what it is like to be heavier. I was sore from personal training and had to do a ton of jumping jacks. Nothing feels more miserable than fat flapping around on sore muscles. My joints hurt from the extra weight. Time to start getting rid of it.

Last night I FINALLY stepped on the scale and had one of the girls take my measurements. Let's just say I have a HUGE mountain to climb. You know how I said I gained a lot in my thighs? Well it turns out to be 7 inches - PER THIGH. Holy cow!!

I also need to lose about 70 pounds. Yup, 70. I miss my size 10 clothes. Not sure if I will ever get back in them but I am going to try.


Exercise is not my problem. It is all food now. I discovered this morning that I have turned myself into a sugar addict. I ate a healthy breakfast and just craved a cookie. The problem is that 1 cookie leads to 3 cookies. I out lasted the craving. I will just have to do that over and over until I have broken this AWFUL habit.

When I lost all my weight before I ate 1600 calories. Since I do still need to produce breast milk I am giving myself 2000 for now. I know it will suck starting this now but I cannot afford to let it go until January. I can do A LOT of damage in a small period of time.

Here is to no more mom jeans!!


Blossom said...

It's hardest at the beginning to fight those sugar cravings but no doubt you will do it!

spunkysuzi said...

I find i have to totally stay away from sugar. It gives me really bad cravings!
Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting back on the scale. You did it and your off on your healthy journey!

Cassie said...

I understand the feeling of what you are going through. My question is do you have to lose 70 to weigh what you did before pregnancy, or are you going for less then what you weighed pre-pregnancy? My thighs are ginormous too. What the heck is up with that. I usually don't have a butt either and grew one during pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck. I started weight watchers this week so we will see where that takes me. I haven't been cleared yet so no hard core exercise yet. Wishing you the best of luck

CJ said...

Good luck with the exercise. You lost the weight once you'll do it again for sure :)

Good luck!!

Christine said...

well, you have a healthy baby and the ability to get healthy. You can do it cause you've done it before. Rooting for you.

F. McButter Pants said...

You know what to do. Don't set a limit on how long it's going to take you to get those pounds off. You really have nothing but time! Enjoy that baby, you body has just done a miraculous thing, give it a break.


Mae Flowers said...

It's great that you are taking the initiative to get back to your healthy self again, not that you're not healthy now, you have an excuse to have gained that weight! But you were so inspirational and dedicated when losing the weight before- you will do great! I shy away from setting weight loss goals to a date, too- but whatever works for you! :)

Simply, Sarah said...

Just found your blog from another weight-loss blog...
This post about craving sugar reminded me of something my very-natural sister told me. She said that when we crave sugar, our bodies are often craving protein, but the craving is very similar. Often, if you eat some protein, the need for sugar will dissipate.

In November, I discovered that if I ate 2 eggs on toast in the morning, I would not gorge on so much sugar that day. Actually, many of those days, I didn't feel like eating ANY sugary snacks.