Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am in love with someone else

I went to my hubby's home town for a baby shower. I fell in love with someone else. I cannot lie about it. My husband knows. Others may know as well. The name is Charli. She is the 5 year old daughter of one of hubby's best buds. Now I have met/talked to Charli many times before. She has always been charming but she is beyond any other 5 year old I have ever met (and I taught kindergarten for a few years). She had a birthday party on Friday night so we got to go and it was awesome. Loved talking to her. Here she is.....

She came up with a recipe the other night, on her own. So she wrote it down and her parents made it. It was for herbed chicken quesadillas (I think someone has seen the cooking channel a time or two). Evidently they were pretty darn good. I asked her what she did with the basil in it. She said, "I minced it." OMG!!! Totally love her.

Saturday she came to my shower. We were eating BBQ. When I sat next to her we talked more about food. One of the cousin's kids came out talking about brownies. Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Oh, you like brownies Eli?

Eli (cousin's kid): Well my mom made them, so yeah.

Me: Really? Cause my mom makes pork chops that are super disgusting. You don't always have to like what your mom makes (Eli runs in the house).

Charli (whispering to me): My mom makes chicken pot pie and it is the most horrible-est thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Me (turning to Charli's mother): Dude, I love your kid. She is bagging on your chicken pot pie. It is good to be honest.

Charli's mom: Not everyone would agree with you about my chicken pot pie.

Charli (with big eyes): I think so.

Holy cow!!! I want this kid. Not bratty. Super polite. Obviously intelligent with personality coming out of every pore. The twins are going to make fantastic "big sisters" to the baby but I think we could make room for one more. Oh and she has an adorable 1 and 1/2 year old brother too.

Between best bud's twins and kids like Charli, my kid does not stand a chance. So I am hoping they will rub off on her and show her the way.

Yes there are more pictures and more to post about. I am laughing as I think about it. However, you know what it is like to be in love. It has to be the first thing you talk about!! Oh, I think hubby is okay with my new love. There is still room for him in my heart too.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Charli sounds unique and adorable... just like her name! It's so fun to meet someone with that must distinct personality and wit. :)


Crys said...

Hilarious! I adore children, especially the really good ones like Charli!

Cassie said...

What a doll!! She should met my 4yr old son, he likes to be called master chef when he is in the kitchen. Ha ha ha. Kids say the darnedest things. I was hoping to see your shower pics!! Hope it was great. Hey and any luck on picking things out for the nursery yet?

Miz said...

so flipping sweet.
I love kids, how they think and what they say.

Rob Dyess said...

I would like to introduce Charli to my son Henry.... sounds like they might be at least somewhat compatible.

Henry socializes like a 10th grader.


TJ said...

awww what a cutie! lol I love the cooking skills! lol

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Haha. Charli sounds awesome! Now I want to try her mom's Chicken Pot Pie to see how terrible it is!

Joy said...

So cute!! Kids are great!!

And your baby will be awesome!! No Doubt!!!


big_mummy said...

haha she sounds so funny!! i do hate when my kids turn their noses up at something i cook, but equally do giggle to myself when i hear the conversation they dont think i hear "this tastes like crap doesnt it!
"you mustnt say crap Katy"
"it does though"
"yeah it does"