Monday, July 26, 2010

Weight Update and Baby Shower #1 Pics

First of all, I wanted to update you. Friday I went to the doc. Glucose test. If I failed, I have yet to hear. I was measuring at 28 weeks - a little large but they are not concerned. However, my weight gain was more than needed - AGAIN. My total weight gain now is at 39 pounds. Seriously, I don't know anyone who works out as much as I do and puts on weight this fast. I am facinating, even to myself. Put myself back to strictly counting calories today. 2000 per day. I am ending the day around 1900. I am happy with that. I HAVE GOT TO GET SOME OF THIS OFF. I am okay with it coming off of me while going on her. I am still being healthy with vitamins, skim milk, tons of water, lots of fresh veggies and fruit.

I have to say that is what pisses me off about the 39 pounds. You would think I am eating everything in sight and not telling myself no to anything. If I was going to gain like this I should have stopped exercising and ate McDonalds everyday. But I have done nothing even close to this. It is rare that I even have a drink with sugar in it. I drink so much water, I could be a sprinkler. Oh well, I can only try and fix it from here. Won't be easy since I am leaving town again. And now I have to go to the doc every 2 weeks. Not much time to get my act together.

Enough of that. On with baby shower pics.

Ever been to Caddo, Oklahoma? No? You are not missing much. This place is on the side of the highway (literally). After years of laughing at it (it used to be called the Beef 'n Bean), hubby decided we had to stop. This sign is the best part about this place.
Poor kid without a name. Her cake still turned out cute. Safari theme, like her room.

My sister-in-law, me and my mother-in-law.

Man we got a ton of stuff! Even more stuff arrived after I opened all of these. My Rav4 was full on the way home.

My in-laws are farmers. My father-in-law loves John Deere. He has been in their commercials and advertisements. There are lots of John Deere things in the family. This was a hand-me-down from one of the cousins.

Man, little kids love presents. Okay, so do I.
Hubby's cousin is pregnant and due about 3 weeks after me. She looks so cute but feels sick. She is in the pink. I am in black.
I know I am 5'10 but man I feel huge next to everyone.
My mother-in-law has a pool and bought misters for the kids to play in. This is what my niece did with it.
Hubby was not forgotten. He did get a gift or two.

I spent most of today cutting off tags and taking things out of boxes. There is a lot of trash now. So glad best bud and the twins helped. More happened today but this post is long enough. Perhaps I will post more tomorrow!
Have a super terrific day!


Cassie said...

I was excited to see that you posted your baby shower pics!! Safari theme sounds super cute. Don't feel too bad, I went to the dr's on Friday as well and I have gained 46lbs. YIKES!!!! I keep pressing my dr to tell me what I am doing wrong but he said not to worry. If I am eating right and exercising then there is nothing else I can do. (Yes I am a control freak)
After you left your last comment about thighs,I looked down at mine and noticed that they are huge too. Like almost twice the size they were. I was flabbergasted. LOL, seriously though what the heck. Maybe it is the way we are built. I work out as well and still have big gains every time. It is like I am gaining almost 10lbs a month.
So glad you had fun at your shower. It looks like you were showered for sure with lovely gifts. We are having mine in about a week and a half. Hopefully it won't take me that long to write on my own blog.

F. McButter Pants said...

Thanks for the pic. John Deer, with a safari theme. I don't know why I just thoughyt that was funny.

You look great. Healthy nd happy. You're doing great.

Alison said...

Hopefully it will come off quickly because you have maintained your active lifestyle. I know it sucks to gain so much when you worked so hard (feeling it myself at the moment) but just imagine what would have happened if you had gone the mcdonalds route!
I share your frustration how does so much go on when you KNOW you are not consuming that many extra calories???
Hang in there, keep being healthy and try not to stress too much about the gain, you will lose it again.
A thought on the large thighs, courtesy of my 93 pound sister who gained almost 70 during her pregnancy (she is only 4'10) her thought and it sort of makes sense to me is that we need a bigger base to hold the new belly, as long as the base goes away quickly I guess I can manage :P

Alison said...

Ugh got sidetrack, rambled and forgot to comment how cute the john deere stuff is :P and the diaper tool belt for dad!

wildfluffysheep said...

how exciting! you look so great! full of life!

way to go on all the gifts.

i want to wrap you in a blanket of love and hugs!

big_mummy said...

well i think you look awesome and i dont frigging see where this 39lb is hanging out, because you look great!! Dont sweat about weight, I always felt sorry for my US/CA friends during and dr's making them weigh, how rude. We get weighed once, at 13 weeks, and thats it- but that was bad enough. I can see how weighing so often would make you obsess but try not to, just move, eat healthy, all the stuff your doing and grow that little girl <3

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