Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling a bit like arse.

Hey all. I finally have my internet back (let's hope for good). Sorry I have been absent. I have spent every spare moment this weekend sleeping. No lie. I took two naps today. As I got dressed to go to the gym I contemplated a second one but put it off until after my workout.

I have done no laundry, no grocery shopping, no cooking. I have done dishes but then I had to recover with a nap.

Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary. I knew it was coming but then it left my brain until the day before. So I told my hubby the 6th anniversary was the sock anniversary and bought him two packages of socks (because he needed them bad). He got me nothing because we were spending the day together and thought he would buy me something shopping. However, I never made it shopping so I asked for my internet back. It maybe a little late but he did deliver.

Lots has been going on actually. Even with all my sleep. I will explain in a longer post later. Interesting, bizarre stuff (to me anyway). 11 more days until my next ultrasound. I look forward to reading some blogs and sleeping. Hope you had a great weekend!


Joy said...

Hello, Just found your Blog. You look great!!! Congratulations on your weight loss and your pregnancy!! Motherhood is great!! Have a wonderful day!! Hugs!!

cmoursler said...

ahhh....that baby is growing.
Is it starting to feel real now?
Can't wait for an update!
Get enough rest.

Miz said...

I laugh that we are like that as well.
nontraditional or stereotypical I mean.
I ALWAYS forget the anniversary---and Im not pregnant :)

CJ said...

Happy Anniversary! How are you feeling now? Waiting for your updates :)

Corletta said...

I can not wait for a baby update! Happy belated anniversary!!!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awwww, happy anniversary!

Socks are awesome! A fantastic gift, in my opinion :)

I could go for a nap or two myself during the day :D

Look forward to reading about weird/interesting things!

Georgia said...

SOCKS! (snort!) Why didn't I think of that....for like every anniversary up til now? Next yr. is #13--definetly socks!