Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damage Assessed

Well today I assessed the damage. After being gone for a week and a half I gained a total of.....3 pounds. I was lacking much of the exercise I normally do and only ate well about half the time so I would have to say that is fair. I am glad it was not the 10 pounds that my mother-in-law's scale said. So I got back to walking/trotting the dogs this morning - not too bad. Also got back to my personal trainer. That was a little harder. I can do it but I felt a little nauseous. I go again Friday, maybe that will be better. I wonder how everyone else's holiday management was? I went to the store today and already saw Valentine candy out. That is just one more reason not to eat it when you receive it. How fresh can it be if it has been sitting on a shelf since December? Recipient be ware!

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