Monday, September 20, 2010

Sam I Am

Yesterday was the AWESOME Dr. Seuss themed baby shower hosted by Best Bud. She made over her restaurant and it was spectacular. There was one picture of us together and she did not like it so I think she deleted it. Bummer. Oh well, here are some other pics.

Me and the baby bump as the Cat in the Hat

A small section of the food table. That is one ginormous diaper cake in the middle.

Some of the table decor.

More table decor.

Green eggs and ham sandwiches (best bud was also the chef).

Lots of candy to match Dr. Seuss books.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes (red velvet topped with cream cheese frosting and blue cotton candy).

Best bud decorated EACH Cat in the Hat cookie by hand!

Close up of that insane diaper cake.

The core group of girls from the gym came. I include this to say to you all that they came in one vehicle!! Minus me in the flowered dress. They amaze me in many ways. Just love them!

And I leave you with the cutest part of the day - Thing 1 and Thing 2. Best bud's beautiful twin daughters whom she ordered these special Thing 1 and Thing 2 dresses for. No detail escaped her. Not enough words to say thank you and express how blessed I am to have such an awesome (and perfectionistic) best friend. This child is so lucky and loved already. It amazes me and the hubs everyday. We are speechless (it happens once in a while).


TJ said...

What a great theme idea for the shower! :) CUTE! You look great!! :)

Cassie said...

Looks super cute, love the theme!!! Well minus that Cowboys sign LOL!! 3 baby showers.. Holy crap batman that is a lot. You should be plenty prepared now.

cmoursler said...

That is the cutest shower in the world. Love the diaper cake, the dresses and the decor. Very nice. Your baby is lucky indeed.

The Lorax :) said...


ladyofthehouse said...

So incredibly cute!! What a fun theme, and your friend did an amazing job!!

big_mummy said...

You look wonderful! And i am in love with tha theme! The diaper cake was truly awesome, and the food! nom nom

Raych said...

This is AMAZING. I hope someone does something like this for me when it comes time for my baby shower (far, far, far in the future)

My favorite part is the cookies! Looks like she worked so hard.