Saturday, September 11, 2010

34 Weeks Pregnant - Still

My in-laws drove in last night - 6.5 hours. They finished corn harvest and wanted to escape the farm. It was awesome. Hubby was off so he cleaned - my refrigerator and microwave have never looked so good. Today for lunch we decided to take them out. We don't go out too much but we had seen a place on the Travel Channel with a hot wings challenge. Pluckers. Hubby wanted to try it. They are called Fire in the Hole.

This is who tried them first. We were shocked. I heart my mother-in-law. She is so fun.
Hubby ate the bulk of them (there were only 5), eyes watered but he did not cry. The challenge is 25 wings. He thinks he can do it. The all time champ ate 110. That just cannot be good for you.

My father-in-law could not be left out so he tried them too. As for me, I like my taste buds and do not want to burn them. I opted for a cool salad and ice water. I think the place was okay. I would much rather go to best bud's restaurant (Lazy Bones in Grapevine, TX). Their food is awesome, especially the chicken wrap. Maybe they can create a wing challenge that my hubs can try.
I will leave you with this picture of me at 34 weeks. Proof that I am still here and still pregnant. Still good (especially if I could get rid of this crappy hand pain, today it hurt to hold a fork). After we took this pic, we put on swimsuits and jumped in the pool. Sometimes it is okay to live in the SUPER hot state of Texas.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Shucks, those wings look good!!!

You look like you have a wonderful family of in-laws :)

Still pregnant! Sheesh! :)

Fat Lazy Guy said...
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Miss S. said...

Looks fun! That hand pain will probably go away once the baby comes. Has your Dr. said if it's pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel?

Epiphany said...

That picture of you is too cute! Your journey has been a huge inspiration to me. I also love hearing about your job. I am in the process of getting my teaching degree.

wildfluffysheep said...

Beautiful and pregnant :P got it all as usual.

wish i lived in Texas. Hope all is well!

Not one for hot wings thankfully!