Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Pregnancy Has Done to Me

Pregnancy has done many things to me. Overall, I have been lucky. I have had a bit of the crazy symptoms. The problems I have been bothered by most are the stretching of ligaments - super irritated planters facitis, messed up shoulder and now carpal tunnel which is causing lots of pain in my hands - mostly my thumbs. The reason these are so bothersome is because it makes my exercise painful. But I also have had a bit of the pregnancy brain. So I thought I would share.

Example #1 - I was trying to sing a song with my two year old twin god daughters when I had to ask best bud "who is the dude who went to town riding on a pony?" I could remember all the words but Yankee Doodle.

Example #2 - the day I had to call the vet to see if I ever got my male dog fixed because I thought I found testicles. I had him neutered 7 years ago. The vet drew me a diagram this weekend of a doggie erection (sorry, but he did) to explain the lumps. Testicles do not grow back. (For the record I never thought they grew back, I just could not remember if they had been removed).

I am sure there are more examples I am just choosing not to remember at the moment. All is well here, just trying to last out the rest of this pregnancy so I can start getting my body back to normal. I am having a super great weekend! Hope you are too.

Went to the doc on Friday. Baby girl is good, still measuring a little large but it is still fine. I have decided to stop looking at the scale and asked them not to tell me. I have decided that she is healthy and I eat pretty well and am still exercising so I am going to gain what I am going to gain. This way I will not resent pregnancy and definitely not my daughter (I could never resent her, no matter how big I get). I will just have to work really hard to get it all off.

In other news, I tried on my fat pants. You know the pair or two you save from when you were at your heaviest for comparison? Well they are still too big in the belly and I am 8 months pregnant now. I was shocked and pleased. I also decided to run a bit down my street the other day. I can still do it although my back is not a fan and she slams down on my bladder repeatedly. I think I will wait until she is born to take that up again.


cmoursler said...

crazy funny. how great is it that you still don't fit in your fat pants.
meaning that you haven't gained hardly any and you are getting so much more out of this than your fat ever gave you yeah!
glad you are skipping hearing the sense in making yourself crazy.

ladyofthehouse said...

Ah yes, I remember 'pregnancy brain'. Great examples!!
It must feel so good to have your old pants still be too big even at 8 months pregnant. Way to go!!!
I think you're smart to just not think of numbers at the moment. You're making good choices with food and exercise and your little girl is healthy. That's all that matters right now.
Have a great week!!

Cassie said...

I understand pregnancy brain. I was calling orange green and hands feet. So I completely understand. I am just happy I can remember my name. ha ha ha Was getting worried because you had not written in a while. When are you due again? Was it middle of October? How much bigger are you measuring. I am only measuring big by a few days.... 3 or 4 days something like that. Glad everything is going good.

Kyra said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower and I wanted to say hello. I've nominated you for a blog award if you'd like to stop by.

Alison said...

LOL love the vet, that's hysterical. I'm still swimming in my fat pants too, it's awesome.
Good plan on the numbers I should take your advice :P I haven't gained much but I have gained more than I wanted or planned and although I am eating mostly good, I am eating out more than I used too, due to tiredness or kitchen boredom, the thought of doing those dishes after UGH! Good news getting a new dishwasher so that part will go away.
Keep up the good work, I'm rooting for you.

big_mummy said...

ahhh pregnancy brain! Dont miss it at all, did some crazy stupid stuff while i was knocked up

Corletta said...

I love your blog and your stories!!! I seriously just laughed out loud at your pregnancy brain description!!! I can't wait to see pictures of this little girly!! I know that you must be PUMPED!!!

Anonymous said...

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