Sunday, February 22, 2009

Are the seats bigger or is my ass smaller?

I went to the movies last night with some girlfriends. I never go to the movies. Why? Soooo crowded and the ticket price was $9.50. Remember when it was $2? Anywho, I had not been to the movies since July, I think. Right after I started this journey.

At the time my husband and I went as a treat to us and I ate popcorn (why? because it was a cheat meal and it is delicious). Last night I only got a diet coke (because I must have a drink at all times) for the bargain price of $4.25 (that was only a medium - although it was huge and I only drank a third of it).

I digress....last night when I sat in the seats they felt all big and spacious. So either the seats got bigger or my ass got smaller. I like to think my ass got smaller.

Friday I am going to Las Vegas for the first time ever!!! I am SOOOOO excited. It has been about a year and a half since I was on a plane. Hopefully my seat will be roomier there as well. I know those seats did not change.

My big ass in an airplane seat used to be the worst. I hope this time I will not have the seatbelt at full capacity and the tray table will be able to sit flat. It was situations like flying that made me think I had a problem with functioning like an alcoholic does. However, you cannot always tell an alcoholic by looking at them and for that anonymity I was slightly jealous.

Also, being 5'10 makes those seats a little more cramped. We shall see how this goes but I am looking forward to all the fun!!!


TJ said...

I've never seen your ass, but I think it is safe to say it is getting smaller. lol :)
Thats cool that you are headed to Vegas! FUN TIMES! You must tell us all about it! Well...what doesn't stay in Vegas. lol

:) tj

tisha85 said...

Congrats on losin' some junk in the trunk! That's awesome. I'm sure you'll find the airplane much more comfy as well. Good job! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogworld.

Neelith said...

It is your ass not the seats. Have I blast in Vagas. I love that place.

~Crystal said...

I just want to say that fitting into an airplane seat "like a normal person" is a great feeling!! I've lost almost 40 lbs and last year when I went on a plane, I felt horrible!! The seat belt was as big as it could go, my ass was squished so much that it was uncomfortable and the tray table rested on my belly. But as of a couple of weeks ago when I was on a plane, I could pull the seat belt tighter...yes, tighter...and the tray table was resting on it's own!!! Great feeling!!! Hope the same will go for you. Have fun in Vegas!!