Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

So I think it may be pain, no gain.

Today I had my third straight day of my trainer. My training sessions seem to get longer. I think I work out for close to an hour and a half. Since we increased to 4 days a week and my trainer had to rearrange my Friday and Saturday sessions, I ended up with a Tuesday night and for the first time ever we will have a 4:30AM on Friday.

No biggie for me because I get up that early anyway to walk/run the dogs. I just hope he will show up. I am currently icing my shins. Like I pain, no gain. However, I did run for 12 consecutive minutes on the treadmill as part of my cardio warm up. I tend to have some pain in my side when I start running when I am trying to regulate my breathing. Does anyone have any tips on that? I love to learn from others.

So here is a random story for you. You know how you can feel really good about your weight loss one minute and then a minute later feel like a failure? Well I teach first grade and one thing I am surrounded with is honesty. Children love to tell you the truth. This morning, my biggest pill of a student lovingly told me that I look like I am having a baby. I cannot fault a child for being honest. It just made me think how students used to say that (not too often thank goodness), now I have lost 49 pounds and they are still saying that? Man I have a ways to go! Marcus (my trainer) and I had to have a talk about the fact that I can wear smaller sizes in butt and thighs but my waist is keeping me in a bigger size. He seems to think I will lose that belly rapidly at the end.

But then I had a conference with a mom that I have had for three years (multiple children, not the same one) and she told me I looked awesome. She called me "foxy." How funny. I like the comments from adults much better. Although I have one student who is borderline autistic and one day (while he was making a paper puppet dance on my arm), he looked down at me and said "what happened to your body?" It was so cute. He was the first kid to notice my weight loss.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring more comments....hopefully ones that make me feel good!

What fun comments do you get?


TJ said...

Gotta love those kids! lol

My brother asked me where my butt went. I took it as a compliment. lol

:) tj

Perry said...

I had the little girl across the street once ask me if I had a baby in my belly, so I can
Another woman here at work told me (after I was all excited about the free donuts we had one Friday) that I did not look like I needed another donut. Harsh, but it woke me up!