Monday, February 16, 2009

For Real?

So I am off today. I have done tons of crappy errands and am watching my best buds daughters for an hour or so before I go workout (don't worry, I am responsible - they are napping). However, this morning after walking the dogs, I decided to try out that Biggest Loser Yoga DVD.

My conclusion? That is hard stuff. For real, you have to be pretty strong. Also, I think using an actual yoga mat would have helped me. No wonder people who do that seem tall and lean. You kinda have to be. So cheers to all who attempt that on a regular basis.

Opps.....I hear the girls. Gotta motor. By the way, where is everyone? I am lonely and need more blog updates.

Happy Presidents Day!


TJ said...

Yes get yourself a mat! I just have a cheap one from Target 10 bucks. I dont think people realize how hard yoga is. lol
Ive been sick but I did just post after a weekend of rest. :) I know a lot of people are sick maybe they are all sleeping. lol

:) tj

TJ said...

I didnt know if I should comment on my own blog or yours to respond! lol Anyway, I can not imagine myself below the # that I did pick. lol I always did 5% or 10% goals. I think Im scared to fail at such a large number...sounds weird huh? I started weight watchers at 213 but I was about 230 something and started counting calories on my own a little over a year before joining WW. That counting calorie thing didnt teach me to eat the right foods and so I joined WW and I am so happy that I did.

The magazine is great! I love all of the articles in it . Some great before and after pictures of members! You can buy it in stores...I cant remember the savings on the subscription but there usually is a difference.

I started yoga as a form of physical therapy for my back. I was told last year that I have scoliosis and all of the stretching helps me. When I realized that yoga makes me sweat and really is a workout I continued it for weight loss. I have a few limitations as to what I can do, but I try to do what I can. :)

Geez I wrote a book! sorry! lol

tj :)