Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shifting Gears

Hello there friends. Hope all is well in weight-loss bloggerland. Things seem fine here. Had an uneventful Valentine's Day which is fine with me. We went to dinner at our friend's restaurant. The cuisine was fantastic (which it always is). Nothing fancy by any means but super good.

I recently made an important decision regarding my exercise. I think this is the key to my weight loss. I do a lot of it. I do weight watchers as well but I am not extremely strict about it. I give myself one "cheat" meal a week but I really not do too bad even then. I cannot tell you the last time I had alcohol. I digress.....

Anyway, exercise! Yes, when I began my journey on July 15th 2008, my best friend and I were sharing a trainer twice a week. About September we added a third day but did it alone (just so you know this gives a trainer way too much time to focus on EVERYTHING you do). Scheduling conflicts came into play and in October we went to sharing a trainer once a week and two days solo. So since October I have kept this schedule. She has had to cancel sessions and so I had a few weeks where I was alone every time.

This has seemed to make a difference (although it is more fun with a friend and you still get an awesome workout). Just so you are aware I also walk/run 1.2 miles with the dogs everyday and I belong to a second gym where I go to kickboxing once a week and take a zumba class once a week (if I can fit it in).

My best bud/training partner has had another schedule change and wants to share two days a week which is fine (and slightly cheaper) but I am making great progress and need it to speed up, not slow down. I would like to have some sort of final goal achieved by September. No, I do not know what that goal is. When I started I just wanted to weigh less and feel better. I would like to start trying for a baby in the fall (although the better my body gets, the less I want to get pregnant).

So my decision......starting this week I will be training four days a week. Two shared, two solo. Sometimes it will be four consecutive days which will suck but I think I can do it. I intend to keep the kickboxing one day a week and the dogs will not hear of not getting their walks. So there it is. I shall see how it plays out. And yes, this will now be costing some major bucks. It has been worth it so far and I think it will continue to be.

I trained yesterday at 4:00 (solo) and this morning at 9:45 (with my BB). I have done that a couple of weeks now and he does not take it easy on me even after I was just there. I can keep up. In fact today, during warm up I ran for 10 consecutive minutes on the treadmill. Longest time for me yet.

It seems easier on the treadmill than when I run in the neighborhood with the dogs. Why is that?

Enough of my rambling......may you all be well and enjoying your workouts.

Oh yeah. Tonight I bought the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD to try out. Has anyone else tried it? It looks sweaty and interesting. I need to become more flexible, perhaps this will help.

Happy Valentine's Day my sweets!


moonduster said...

You know, getting pregnant doesn't mean you will have to give up exercise and healthy eating, in fact just the opposite! And you don't have to gain weight during pregnancy either (except the weight of the baby, placenta, etc. if you are a normal weight to start with).

I actually lost a lot of weight during my last pregnancy (but I am and was seriously overweight to start with).

TJ said...

I like that Biggest Loser Yoga DVD. You really work up a sweat! Most people dont realize how much of a workout yoga can be.
Hope you enjoy it!