Sunday, February 8, 2009

People Are SOOOO Annoying

Well, not you of course...other people.

Yesterday I spent the day with the twins (started out babysitting) and my best friend. We decided to make a weight watcher's recipe I saw on someone else's blog (TJ's Test Kitchen). It was for a baked ziti with vegetables (perfect since my best bud is a vegetarian).

This recipe called for items which I do not normally use - things like whole wheat pasta, marinara sauce, fat free ricotta cheese, etc. So while the girls were napping (and mom was back home) I went to buy the ingredients at our local Kroger.

Now, I have recently cleaned out my purse of random, useless junk. It is all neat and organized. I plan to keep it that way. So, when I am at Kroger buying things I do not normally buy and the register starts spitting out coupons for me to buy these items again, I start thinking "man, that will get buried in my purse and I will not use them and then my messy purse cycle will start all over again."

There were two customers in line behind me and I had already been subjected to listening to the checker and bagger talk about how sick they are (while they touch all my things) and proceed to wish each other ill on Valentine's Day. So granted I am already annoyed.

When the 16 year old checker pulls off the 6 coupons from the printer I politely say "Thank you, but I do not need the coupons."


Customers behind me stare me down and roll their eyes in disgust.

Me: "No thank you."

Checker (turns to the judgemental customers in line behind me): "DO YOU WANT HER COUPONS?!?!?!?"

Judgemental customer behind me: "YES! I want those coupons. WHO DOESN'T WANT A COUPON?"

Me - I just stroll out of the store satisfied that I had made a decision to keep part of my life clutter free and I stuck to it. I did not cave.

I do know economic times are hard (and my husband was upset I did not take the coupons). If I had been buying items I always buy I may have taken them. But I made a decision that was best for me and I stood my ground.

Is this a stupid story? Yes. But I think that checker was out of line. And what difference does it make to anyone else what my decisions are in the grocery store check out?

I feel stronger because of it. I also went back to my friend's house and made one of the most delicious, healthy meals I have had in a long time and we all enjoyed it. And when I looked in my purse this morning I felt at peace and very organized. Living well is the best revenge. So that checker can suck it!


TJ said...

Glad you liked that recipe! We enjoyed it for a few days! lol

I feel the same way about those coupons. I always take them and never end up using them. Those coupons are always for something other than what I would get...I think they do that to see if people really will use them!!?? If they asked us BEFORE they printed them out, think of all of the paper they would save! WOW!
Good for you for keeping that purse clean! lol

:) tj

Karyn said...

Good for you to make a decision based on what is right for organized purse is VERY important!

Pat yourself on the back for being able to walk out of their with your head held high in spite of the checker's attempt at humiliating you.