Monday, June 20, 2011

In the Summer, Summer Time....

School is out!! YAHOO!!! Actually it has been out since June 4th but we have been busy. Good and bad. I will bullet point it for you:

  • the last day of school I found out that I won the biggest loser with 4.1% of my body weight (I beat out the girl who had lap band - barely!!)

  • took a trip to Kansas City with the in-laws

  • my grandfather passed away from multiple brain tumors (the greatest man, Evie's middle name is because of him) - this is the 2nd grandfather I have lost this year

  • I have worked out a lot and introduced Evie to the gym daycare - she would rather be home with Dad but sometimes that is not an option

  • I have Evie enrolled in little gym class, music class and she is going to story time at the library - her first time socializing with babies instead of older kids - so cute!!

  • I got my group fitness certification - easier than I thought it would be

  • this weekend I will be taking the class to become a certified turbo kickboxing instructor

  • in August I will be taking the class to become a certified zumba instructor - man I need to practice because I am not so great at this

  • I am filling out my new hire paperwork for the gym today so I can stop paying my gym membership - YAHOO!!! - oh and they also want me to start teaching a class in August - NERVOUS!!

I think that is about it. But here is the best part of!!

I decided to feed Evie to a frog, he spit her out!
I totally heart the Great Wolf Lodge!

Evie eating instruments in music class.

Man she loves her little gym class.

We are in the pool everyday. She actually practices kicking and trying to get things in the water.

We got her a wagon!

Just looking cute in the hotel waiting to swim.

Evie is 8 months old today! She has 1 tooth (and another one coming). She crawls everywhere, loves to read and is standing up on everything. She likes to try to climb things and LOVES people. We are very happy and blessed and hope your summer is great too!!

By the way, this is my 299th post. Maybe I can come up with something good for 300.


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

She is just to adorable for words!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Great pics. Yay 4 summer. YOu and Evie sound very busy, but even more happy.

debkhershberger said...

What a cutiepie!!!
And what a busy summer!! COngrats on all your accomplishments!! AND YEAH!!! for free gym membership!!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

So adorable!!

Congrats on becoming a certified instructor- very cool!

Cassie said...

AWESOME!!! Congrats! Hope to hear more from you now that it is summer time:)

Jodie said...

Great photos. Your Evie is such a cutie pie!! Awesome that you are becoming an instructor...such inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a lucky mom - she is a living doll. Your weight loss is inspirational - congratulations!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Aww. Man, those photos of Evie are always too cute :D Eating the instruments, haha!

That's so cool you're certified for group fitness! Go the kickboxing and zumba!! So you'll be teaching the whole year through, now? :D

kristi said...

She is a doll and your transformation is awesome! Hope you can check out my blog as well.

Lisa said...

sorry about your grandfather. I lost my Papa 2 years ago. Way to go on winning BL! :)

- Lisa

Lindsey Lu said...

ahhh what a cutie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your summer is going well - your daughter is so fricken cute, they grow up so fast.

I need to make "dates" with my 19 year old otherwise I'd never see her!

Have a great weekend!

Jodie said...

waiting for that 300th post!! How's the training going?

Joy said...

Wow girl, you have a lot going on!! I love all of the certifications you are getting. I was thinking of doing something like that!!

Evie is adorable. I can't believe how big she is already. She's going to be walking before you know it. OMG!! Enjoy every minute!!

Keep focused!

Joy said...

Hoping you are doing well. I miss you!!!

Keep focused!

Joy said...

Where are you my Friend? I hope you are doing well!! Miss you!!!

Keep focused on your health and fitness journey!!!

Joy said...

Hey how are you? I hope you are doing great!! Would love to hear from you!!

Keep focused!

Joy said...

Miss you!!

Happy Easter!!