Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exhausted but Alive!!

I got home from Michigan Sunday night. People cannot believe how much energy I have and how good I feel. Up there I could only sleep for 3 to 4 hours at a time and could not get back sleep. I think I am paying for it now. I have been exhausted all week. I was gone for 5 days and my husband was busy! He cleaned all the hand-me-downs out of the attic and stacked everything in baby girl's room. He got the dogs groomed, cleaned carpets, hung new ceiling fans (3 of them), re-organized the garage, trimmed trees and did tons of yard work. I felt kind of bad, when he goes out of town I clean but I also sleep, watch tv and hang out with best bud. So there was work for me to do when I got home.

Monday I had training for work all day (summer is slipping away). Tuesday, thank goodness, best bud, the girls and her hubby came over so she could go through the clothes with me (she is BEYOND generous loaning us her stuff - all the hand-me-downs have come from her). Here is about half the clothes we went through.

I spent Wednesday at the waterpark with best bud and the girls and sorting clothes by size. I have not hung and folded yet, I am waiting for the boxes from the Michigan baby shower to arrive because there are more clothes. This kid will not be naked.
This is the basket of new clothes I have received that need to be washed. I will probably work on that tomorrow.

Just as I was leaving yesterday, the doorbell rang. It was a delivery man with my chair for baby girl's room. It was set up last night. Here is her swing (thanks again best bud) and my chair. This room is getting smaller by the minute. I hope she fits in it when I am finished.

This afternoon I have another training for work and then a workout at the gym. I have been working out still. But this will be my first trip back to the gym in a week. I am still tired. No more traveling. Besides, there are too many clothes to fold to go anywhere now. I am trying to catch up on your blogs as well. Sorry I am such a slacker!


Paula Rodriguez said...

Man, o Man... that's a lot of clothes. I find when I'm doing laundry, it's a great time to read blogs while the clothes are drying.

The chair for the baby's room looks really comfy... Enjoy your workout!


Pam said...

Yep, I remember all of the clothes I got too! I was really sad that he actually outgrew some before I even had a change to wear them on him there was so many! Looks like you might have the same problem.
Get some rest...3rd tri insomnia stinks - rest when you can!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That is a LOT of clothes... almost as much as Mary's brother's shirts :D

Yay for best buds!

Stay awesome!

Miss S. said...

What a great hubby & best bud! It's normal to start losing sleep as you get further along, I think it's mother nature preparing us for getting up with the baby.

Crys said...

Does it feel real yet?

Learning to be Less said...

It is starting to feel more real. Especially when I cannot move like I used to. We can call her Crystal til she has another name!

Anonymous said...

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Nicole, RD said...

Wow! That is a TON of baby clothes! Such an exciting time, don't stress over a few pounds :) So long as you and baby are healthy and happy...that's all that matters :) Congrats!