Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Not Complaining (for once).

Went to the doctor on Friday. All is looking well for baby girl and me. Great blood test results from last visit, strong heart beat, awesome blood pressure (after I was on meds for years, I wear this like a badge of honor). I am measuring 32 weeks when I am only 29. They don't seem concerned so I won't be either.

The best part? After months of massive gains - and I mean MASSIVE - I lost a pound. Granted I was on a different scale but at this point I will take anything I can get. Next week will probably be back to big gains but I had this brief shining moment in this pregnancy. It was a different doc than I usually see - maybe that is the magic.

I made an appointment to get a 3D sonogram tomorrow. I will do it if I can find the place. I have no good sonogram pics for her baby book. With my luck, she will have her hand in front of her face or something else (umbilical cord?) will be in the way. Maybe not though. Maybe this will be great.

I FINALLY got done putting all her clothes away. I have one small bag of socks left to sort through. I filled seven dresser drawers, two closet bars, one tub with shoes and 2 more HUGE tubs of clothes (for ages 12 to 24 months). I do not want to fold clothes anymore. I am so grateful to have them all and they are all SUPER cute but man that was a lot all at once. So now her room seems to be done - I am sure something will come up but for the most part, I am happy. Good thing because I officially start back to school next week. I have to start this week when my room is ready because I have to have hubby and best bud help me. I cannot lift and hang and move things like years past. THANK GOD FOR THE HELP OF OTHERS!!

Hope you had a great weekend. I shopped a ton and used almost all giftcards for baby girl stuff. AWESOME!! has a high def flip camera for $150 if you buy the white one instead of the black one. In the store they are $200. Online it also had free shipping. I heart saving 50 bucks!!


Paula Rodriguez said...

Great news on the doctor's checkout. Baby and mom are doing well. That's great.

I've so outgrown my point and shoot camera. Seriously thinking about getting me an SLR. Will checkout Target, Walmart before looking at other places. Great deals to be had by buying on line.

Take care

Paula Rodriguez said...

Sorry, I meant "checkup." Must proof before hitting the button.

Joy said...

Sounds like you are having a blast!! Enjoy every minute!!! Hugs!

Alison said...

Wow back to school time already??? Where did the summer go? Glad you are doing well and didn't have a huge gain :)

Melanie said...

Wow, I've been away from blogging for many months and missed your exciting announcement. Congratulations on your baby; that is fantastic news.

TJ said...

So glad things are going well for you & the baby! :)

CJ said...

Glad things are looking good! Wish you could share the baby room pics with us :)

Corletta said...

Yup! You are just a cute as I thought that you would be!!! Absolutely Precious :)