Friday, June 4, 2010

Pregnancy Camp...time to begin

Today was the day. I turned in my keys (woohoo for no more school!!). I drove to the YMCA and joined yet another gym. I picked up the water aerobics schedule. I then went home to lounge in my pool with my husband (I had to celebrate). After that, I went out and bought another prego swimsuit. I will need a few. God bless Target for a maternity swimsuit section (and decent prices).

The alarm is set. I begin in the morning. I have not done water aerobics in 4 years. Summer of 2006 best bud and I used to go to classes. I wonder if it will be the same. It does not matter. I am in need of cardio....bad.

I am working on the pregnancy camp plan. Remember this is in place of fat camp. I think I will go with the following goals:
  1. consume 2000 healthy calories daily (lately this has not happened consistently).
  2. continue to walk the dogs at least 1.2 miles daily (foot issue, not heat or laziness related).
  3. continue daily vitamin and water consumption (this is one thing I have always been excellent at).
  4. continue daily push-ups (40 but they are now modified and done on the wall as my center of gravity has really changed).
  5. Five, hour long cardio sessions per week (right now I am hoping for them to be water aerobics since I have the foot issue and I hate cycling but time will tell).
  6. Three weight training sessions per week (maybe more). Bodypump classes or pregnancy video. I do not care which, at this point I am not all hard-core like I was the first trimester.
  7. Nap whenever I feel like it and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Any other suggestions? Am I missing anything? Will it be enough to slow down the weight gain and stay healthy? I guess time will tell.

I just pray my foot goes back to normal after this baby comes and I can get back to some high-impact, heavy-duty, calorie burning cardio. I am sure it will be worth it but it is hard to imagine in a few months I will have an actual little baby. If I really think about what is going on inside my body, I kind of freak myself out. I think pregnancy for everyone goes fast, except for the person who is actually pregnant. Mentally it is harder than I thought it would be. Mostly because I lost all that weight prior to pregnancy. It is a daily struggle to lose the control I had. Kudos to all of you moms. You have made it through and you look pretty damn good now so I know it is possible for me too. And some of you who have had multiples (best bud) and many more babies and look fabulous. I know you worked hard, I am willing. Now, if my body would just cooperate.


Miss S. said...

Your plan sounds great. Try not to stress too much about the weight gain-my guess is you will slow down for a little while. And remember-some of the weight really is WATER!!

I swam a lot while pregnant with both of my boys-it really was helpful in keeping my weight down. I only gained 25 both pregnancies.

cmoursler said...

Keeping your calories capped at 2000 healthy calories and getting all that activity in, the only weight you'll be gaining is baby weight.
Can't wait to see that baby...

TJ said...

Congrats on being finished with school! :) YIPPEEE!! Hey do we get to see any cute baby bump pictures of ya? :)

christinaleigh said...

Don't stress about the weight. Enjoy the pregnancy (easier said than done I know). I have 3 kids and I think that first pregnancy is the most amazing experience. Being pregnant is amazing, but the first time is something special. I am not someone that did well with pregnancy. I gained too much due to poor choices and health complications. I think you have a great plan and realistic plan.

Jenn said...

That's a terrific plan! I would add - listen to your body. If you're tired - rest. Don't feel bad about skipping a workout if you are tired. Remember you are MAKING A PERSON!
And yes - try to enjoy it as much as you can, because the first pregnancy really is special.