Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pregnancy - Half Way - Camp Day 1

Pregnancy Camp - Day 1
Some of you have requested baby bump pictures. You are right, I should post some. I complain enough about it. You should see it. People can tell. Strangers ask when I am due. Yesterday at work (maybe because it was the last day) people were touching it like they would never see it again.

The true baby bump view.

Last night I did not go to bed until 11. That is a record for me lately. I slept until 7 (minus a few bathroom breaks). Once I was up, I did my push-ups and walked the dogs. I grabbed a bite to eat while I iced my foot and then, I was off. Off to my new aerobic class. Aqua Fitness. Oh yes, elderly men with hairy backs (I still find them super cute), I was about 20 years younger than everybody else. But man that was a great full-body workout. I went balls-to-the-wall. I did it as hard and well as I could. Those older folks are bad-ass.
I could not feel my extra 22 pounds (bonus) but I jumped around for a solid 30 minutes (the full hour class, I never stopped moving, not even for a minute) and I could feel my hard uterus and baby. Weird feeling. Nothing hurt, just odd. My foot did well. If I can stick with this I will have super toned arms and legs (maybe with less dimples? fingers crossed).
Half way through class, a young middle-eastern girl who look familiar got in the pool. She talked to me about the ab work, we laughed. We were both new. Turns out she is the belly dancing instructor from my other gyms. She is going to start teaching one of these water aerobic classes. She is so nice, I may have to take her class too. I hope her class is hard core.
Man this cardio felt awesome!!! It was like high-impact but without the pain. I missed that feeling. The only thing is my maternity suits are a little big. They do not stay in place too well. I will have to work on that. I just love working out.
After that I came home, had a healthy lunch followed by a 3 hour nap (this was a long time coming!!). Woke up and put on another suit and got in my pool. Floated around for a while and then best bud and the twins came over. They are so fun!!! They are getting good at learning to kick their legs. Pretty impressive for 2 year-olds. They are also getting better at getting dunked under the water (one likes it, one does not but they are still getting better).
Then we ate pizza for dinner. Super delicious veggie pizza but still pizza. So I am sure I went way over calories today but up until dinner I did awesome. I also got in lots of water, the vitamins, skim milk, fresh fruit and veggies. Maybe I can be more strict starting Monday when hubby is not around saying "we could order pizza" or "do you want ice cream?" This is so not like him. We NEVER order pizza and he hates to leave the house. I think he just wants to drive around in his jeep. So we will probably get ice cream. Especially since he fell getting out of the pool today. How embarrassing. Better him than me. But then again I was not the one drinking all day.
Hope you have a great weekend! My life is now one big weekend!!! HOORAY!!!


Miss S. said...

Your picture looks great! Poor hubby, sounds like he needs ice cream for his bruised ego. ha ha

TJ said...

You look so cute! :)

CJ said...

Cute pics! Love the bump :)

Me said...

Hooooraaaaaaay for the holidays!
I am kinda jealous, I still have about 5 weeks to go!
Got plenty of 'healthy' plans for the holidays too. I am planning to cook for the finacee at least 3 times a week and make it 'light' meals. That way I can get my own way! hehe.
You're looking good. Very cute bump.

Deb said...

You look great! You look like a fit lady with a baby bump. Perfect!

I love water aerobics too. I need to sign up again. That weightless feeling is such a relief on my heavy body. And it allows me to work out at an intensity I could never do on land because it's too painful.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Awwww! I'm so excited to get to meet you!!!

I promise I won't touch it :D

Man, pizza sounds so good. And ice cream. Gah!

Cassie said...

Lookin' GREAT!!! I love your pool. Makes me want to jump right in.

Joy said...

Way to go on the great day - sounds like so much fun!! I love your pictures - you look GREAT!! Keep up the great work!!! HUGS!