Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well I Was Right

...lady troubles arrived today. I had to take some major drugs so I could workout. I did feel much better after workout. Those damn lady troubles. Let me tell you, I knew this doom was coming in the next week or so. Of course it would arrive the day before my weigh-in and when I am so close to onederland. Timing sucks. My cycle can have a tendency to ruin two weigh-ins in a row. One week leading up to it and the week of (damn water retention and bloating). I hope I will only have one bad week because my time at fat camp time is running out.

Want some random story/news? Sure you do, who doesn't? The first story contains TMI, I am aware of this. Consider yourselves warned.

Story#1 dates back to Tuesday night. No kickboxing. It was bootcamp. I was a little pissy about it but I did kick some butt. After that, I stayed for yoga. I have been taking yoga because I need a lot more stretching. I would have never thought my biggest workout fear would come true in that class. What is my fear? I am sure you have it too. Days when you are gassy and you workout anyway because you need to and just hope your body complies. For a year I have had this fear about once every two weeks but I have stayed in control. But not Tuesday. I was not even gassy. And it was quiet. We went to a standing pose and I tooted - loudly. Did I get a reaction? Nope, everyone kept on concentrating - except me. I could not stop laughing (yes, I am the most immature person I know). I almost left because, seriously, how annoying can I be? But I eventually got myself under control. So my fear came true and it could have been worse (it could have been loud AND stinky). Hopefully I will not have to relive this experience.

Story #2. I went shopping today. I had a 15% off coupon for Kohls. I went for more workout shorts but when I did not find what I wanted, I went to the regular clothes. I picked up a bunch of tops, dresses, some pants and a skirt. I even got some stuff from the juniors section (I know I am too old for that section but the clothes are so cute I just wanted to try them on). I picked up a size 12 jean and skirt just to see how far off I am from them fitting. I got the skirt almost all the way zipped. I needed another inch or so. I put one leg in the jeans and thought, I will never get these over my hips. But I did. And then they buttoned and zipped. OMG! I cannot tell you the last time I wore or owned anything that was a size 12. About 10 years ago I guess and I was 20 pounds lighter than I am now. Aside from the muffin top, these jeans looked GOOD! They made my ass look nice and my legs look skinny. I wanted to buy them but they were $50. I may go back and get them. It was an exciting moment.

Other than that, it has been working out, swimming and napping (of course). Man I will miss napping when school starts. Okay enough of my rambling, time to read your blogs!


TJ said...

Thats why I like Yoga at I would be the only one laughing too! haha!

Im all drugged up too- damn Aunt flow! lol

:) WTG on the 12's! Smallest Ive been in a while too! Yippeee!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Go get those jeans girl! If they made you feel good, and looked good, you deserve them! Great job!

Crys said...

A size 12! I'd die! You go girl! I thought I'd "lost" my period this month due to my exercise schedule but of course I found it today... the day before going away for the weekend!

Shelley said...

I had a "holy crap they fit" moment at Kohls about six weeks ago when I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans - and I didn't buy them, either! Whatever, CONGRATS on your dressing room victory!!!

tisha said...

OMG. Such a great post. The yoga fart was hysterical. Why yoga class? Why couldn't it have happened during kick boxing where there's lots of noise and grunting?! That was funny!! And a size 12? Hello? That's amazing.Dang. What I wouldn't give right now to fit into something a size 12...other than shoes and underwear.

wildfluffysheep said...

Periods suck. Nuff said.

*high fives* to the size 12s. way to frickin' go I am so happy for you.

yoga. one kudos to going. two. if that happened to me lol i would have cried left and never gone back so MAJOR KUDOS to you for laughing at yourself and continuing on :D

Mae Flowers said...

Your yoga story made me laugh. haha. Love it!