Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Like About You....

What the hell is THAT?!? No, it is not cat vomit (I do not own a cat), although I can see where it looks like that. That my friends, was my lunch today. It was tuna fish (made with miracle whip light, mustard, pickles, onion and tomato), cucumbers (I used to eat it on crackers but cucumbers are the same size, serve the same purpose and are healthier) and baked chips.

What is the point of me showing you my lunch? Well I have been trying to think about what I like most about your blogs. And what I like about you (besides your wit and positive spirits and brutal honesty) is the fact that many of you share pictures. I don't even really care what they are of, they just add a new dimension to your posts.

I would have much rather shared some video from my Zumba class this morning (I am really loving the Monday morning group) however, some may have found that to be rude. These ladies crack me up! They really like to get their groove on.

So back to my lunch. That is a huge dinner plate (I like big portions - bang for my buck). My point is, that huge plate of food is under 350 calories (not by much though, I do not count calories in the veggies - they are so low in calories it does not much matter to me). My lunch during the school year was also around 350 calories but it was a frozen entree' a la Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine and a tangelo. I did enjoy my frozen meals (they are yummy, fast and make calorie counting easy) but they were not made with the love that the tuna fish was. And did you see how much I got to eat?

I am going to try and post more pictures. I am working on a post with pics of me for sometime this week. So sorry if this one grossed you out. It was delicious.

Other than that, we cooked out with our friends for Father's Day. I did not even exceed my calories for the day and I did not feel the need for the extra 200 calories like I have been. However, yesterday all I did was walk the dogs and swim (and by swim I mean float around the pool and throw the babies around in it).

Today it was back to Fat Camp, trainer and all. He made me do abs and then I did Zumba (which works a lot of abs). Boy were those muscles screaming. Hopefully they will not be too sore tomorrow. I actually have a training all day tomorrow. So tomorrow night I have a training session and I am going to attempt a Yoga/Stretch class (I have like NO flexibility). Dude, that crap looks hard. So wish me luck and I will write my review on that tomorrow.


wildfluffysheep said...

Bring on more pictures :D
*impressed* for all the impending exercise. sheesh sounds intense! *high five* to fat camp!

Good luck! Can't wait for the review.

Shelley said...

I love pictures on blogs! I like your idea of using cucumber slices instead of crackers - bet it's refreshing!

jo said...

I have found I get so much more bang for the buck when I prepare my own food. I had my final frozen meal the other day and I starved. Your tuna and cukes looks very yummy.

Nice photo.

TJ said...

Yeah! Keep the pictures coming! I love tuna once in a while- but I eat mine with crackers. Ever try the special K ones? They are good. :)

Keep on rockin fat camp!! :)

Deb said...

I on blogs are fun.

Crys said...

I'm so with you on the portions and getting more for less. The southern girl in me can't stand to see any plate under the food. It's always a fun challenge to figure out how much I can eat for fewer points. The problem is I always end of having leftover points, which is apparently is a Weight Watchers sin! I also tried Zumba for the first time yesterday and it was so awesome I did it again today! Keep cooking and dancing! :-)

Laurie said...

Yeah, I love the idea of substituting cucumbers for crackers.

tisha said...

Mmmm...tuna and miracle whip. YUMMY. Great idea with the cucumber replacing the cracker. I shall steal that idea when I'm eating real food again.