Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do I Get a Day Off?

I got a text message this morning. It was my trainer needing to cancel our session because he was sick. He has really bad allergies that make him all pukey sometimes. He has had to cancel a few times before. I say cancel, but he usually makes it up by adding an additional day the next week - lucky me. I never cancel. I have had to reschedule but I do it with plenty of notice.

I must admit that I was disappointed. I had already walked the dogs and was all set to run on the treadmill. So did I take the day off?

Of course not! I think I am becoming obsessed with breaking a good sweat each day. And man can I sweat. I went to the lady gym and took a group exercise class. It was actually the perfect class because it was 30 minutes of kickboxing and 30 minutes of Zumba. To my dismay, this is only a temporary class until they figure out what we like better kickboxing or Zumba and then it will become a complete hour of either one. Tough choice. I love them both. I would have never thought that I would "love" a class but I do.

You know how you used to walk in a room and check to see if you were the fattest person there (I never did, I guessed I just assumed I was the biggest person and I just never cared if I was)? Well I do something like that now. I am currently taking about 6 group exercise classes per week. About a half hour in, I start looking around to see if I am the sweatiest person in the room and I continue to check until I leave. Sweat just pours off me but I am so proud of it. Now when they say "you can take it up a notch by doing fill in the blank...." I do it. It is kind of like my badge of honor.

In fact I used to go straight home from the gym and would never go in public after working out because I was so sweaty and gross. Now, I make stops on the way home almost daily. Oh I am still super sweaty and gross (I always make sure I smell delightful though). I stop at the post office, Wal-Mart (I fit right in) and every Saturday, Subway. Oh people look at me. In my mind I am smilig and I think "Yup, I already worked out today and burned a lot of calories. Jealous? What have you done for yourself today?"

So even though my Saturday was not the same without my training session, it was still good. I got all gross and sweaty and went to Subway. Who could ask for anything more (I am sure the people at Subway could ask to stand next to someone who has better hygiene)?

After that I showered and went with best bud and twins to a 2 year old's birthday party with a petting farm. It was like 100 degrees today. I love doing things with the girls but I gotta say after two hours there, unless you have actual children to enjoy it, no adult should have to endure those parties. I missed some sunning time in the pool (the sacrifices I make). I will have to make up for that tomorrow.

I have also been extra hungry the last two days and have eaten about 200 more calories than usual. Hopefully I will still lose weight. Actually, my real hope is that tomorrow I will be less hungry.

In closing, I hope you all wear your sweat with pride. Unless you are eating. That is just embarrassing. I know, I have been there too. But not lately, thank goodness.


Hallie said...

Gosh if you're exercising that much I'm sure you want the extra 200 calories!

Linda Pressman said...

Thanks for reminding me of those long ago days when I also was self-conscious about exercising. I never could have imagined then that one day I'd exercise 6 days a week and be a fanatic about it!

Karen said...

Haha I do the same thing after the gym now sometimes! I never used to make stops on the way home but now I'll hit up the grocery store or Walmart etc if I need to.

Doesn't working out feel great? I

TJ said...

"Yup, I already worked out today and burned a lot of calories. Jealous? What have you done for yourself today?"


wildfluffysheep said...

wow. loving the attitude! :D I am totally feeling it too. so go you!

Lol. I hear you on the sweating front. I stink today. Sorry. Hope you're not grossed out.

*high fives* to loving a class.

Crys said...

This is almost identical to my lastest blog. There's something to those endorphines. The more I workout the more I feel the need to. I was sick this week and was ticked off that I couldn't go to the gym. It feel really good to challenge your body and win! I'm taking a Zumba class this week and really looking forward to it! Keep up the great work!!

Aimee said...

you are so positive - i love it! :)