Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Weigh-In

Well friends, bad news. I never got my nap yesterday. Why is it when you need a few minutes of down time (or two hours) everyone in the world wants to call you? Even if you do not answer it, the ringing keeps you awake. And then people call all your phones. I was powerless against it, so I gave in to talking and gave up my dream of napping.

Today, however, does not hold bad news. As it is a weigh-in day I shall give you my results. I lost 3.5 pounds this week bringing my total to 77.5 pounds. Simply shocking to me. I had a conversation with my mother about it. Let me give you a little info about my mother. She was a chubby child but is a size 12 now. She is also 5'5 and a redhead. I kinda look adopted but she stakes her claim to me. We do both have the same green eyes.

I moved to Texas from Michigan 9 years ago this month. When I left there I weighed 190 pounds and was a size 16 (My weight fluctuated in college and I believe at one point I weighed as much as 220). I see mom once or twice a year as she still lives in good old MI. The last time she saw me was at Christmas and I had lost 40 pounds. She was very excited and proud because I never lost that much weight before. One year I lost 25 pounds but when I came back from Christmas I gave it up and gained it all back and more (wha, wha, wha...). That is why this year I was so focused to try and stick with it.

I talk to her about everyday via phone and once in a while I email a picture to show progress (the fact that she can't come over and see is just killing her I do believe). Every Friday I call and give her the official weigh-in update. Today this is kinda how the conversation went:

Me - Today was weigh-in Friday.
Mom - And? (said with excitement and anticipation)
Me- Three and a half pounds this week
Mom- Oh my god! Does that make it 78 pounds total?
Me- No, just 77.5.
Mom- You are getting close to 100 pounds. You might hit 100 pounds!
Me- I have to take it one day at a time or those kind of goals seem impossible. But who would have ever thought I could lose this much weight?
Mom- Who would have thought you could have gained so much weight?

My internal monologue - Touche' Mama.

Me- I know. You think you get to a point where you just can't get any bigger and then you do.

I love my family. Brutal honesty. And I appreciate it. I am one of those people where it appears I have no feelings (mostly because I never cry). And you can pretty much say anything you want to me or about me and I will be able to see your point and take no offense. The down side to that? People pretty much say ANYTHING to you. Most of the time it is TMI. However, it is highly entertaining.

Hope you all had some good losses this week too. Fat camp is still going strong. That is why today I made sure I got a nap. Until tomorrow friends....


tisha said...

*~AWESOME~* job on the weight loss!!! You've worked your tush off and deserve that scale love.

Crys said...

I found your blog from Tisha's. This is absolutely hilarious; gotta love family! Congratulations! 77.5 is incredible and very inspiring!

Melanie said...

Your post today was a literal "LOL". The "touche' mama" was way too funny. I'm all about the brutal honesty and that was a good one.
Great job on your weight loss this week.

TJ said...

You are amazing!! WTG on the loss this week and GOODBYE TO ALL 77.5!


wildfluffysheep said...

awww man I'm sad for no nap time. Hard times!

a 3.5 loss is awesome :D good stuff, missus!

*high fives* to fat camp!

my grandma is obesessed with my weightloss. she is toooooo honest with her comments. I'm not a tough cookie.

Deb said...

Congratulations on a great loss this week and all you have accomplished so far!