Saturday, June 27, 2009

Les Mills Bodyvive

Today's post is coming late in the day because I am tired. Double workout day! So this morning was the Bodyvive preview I was so excited for.

The lady gym only has one other Les Mills class - Bodypump. Bodypump is awesome and burns a ton of calories. It is a class with weights (which is why I cannot take it on a regular basis - but I have done it).

Bodyvive started with four instructors explaining the class. It was created mostly for the baby-boomer generation. Those who go to the gym and see classes like turbo-kickboxing (which is my favorite) and think it is too hard (which it is hard) so they just walk on a treadmill.

I am glad to see someone is looking to interest them. The class has 30 minutes of low-impact aerobics with fun oldies music. Then they do some tai-chi/yoga moves. Next is a resistance band toning segment. Finally there was some core strengthening.

It is great overall-body, low-impact class. I did sweat. Even though the preview was today they are not putting it on the class schedule until October. They suggested it as a good class for those interested in taking a class for the first time or to use it as a light day for those who take high-impact, high-intensity classes. They also wanted some of us to become interested in becoming instructors.

The training for instructors will be in August. I gotta say, I did ponder that thought. Back when I was 288.5 pounds and I was looking to start group classes, I would have taken this class for sure. Maybe there are others out there like I used to be. I have lost a large chunk of weight and continue to find new workouts and sources of inspiration. The best way to master something (say exercise) is to teach it to somebody else. Hmmm...should I?

But then I remembered that I wanted an easier year so I can have a baby. Teacher craziness also starts in August so I do not think I would want to do a training class. But it's an interesting thought.

My overall opinion is, if you can take this class, you should. At least once. There is a lot I get from group classes that I do not get from walking the dogs or personal training sessions. People there have the same goals as you, they are happy to see you and many times they are very entertaining. The time goes by faster. If you have not tried a class (any class), give it a go. There are people there just like you, they were new once too, they will welcome you. It is like another family - comforting.

Hope you all are having a super weekend! May you all be BIG LOSERS!

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wildfluffysheep said...

:p Well I am inspiring to be a big loser this week!

Good review. Sounds fair.

OOOOO a baby in the future huh?