Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Official Size

I am in pain my friends. "Lady trouble" pain. Thank goodness it is Sunday when all I have to do is walk the dogs because I did not do much of anything this morning. Except, take a journey back in time in my closet.

I was in my best bud's wedding on December 31, 2005. We were talking about the dress I wore (which was beautiful and black but very large). I kept that dress. I went to find it in the closet today. In order to get to it, I had to move a box with a pair of shorts in it (yes, just one pair in the box - not sure why I do the things I do). They are a pair of jean shorts from the Gap, size 14. I have not shopped at the Gap since college. So these short are probably 10 years old. I tried them on (of course).

They did fit. I do have some muffin top, but they button and zip and I can breath. I would not dare to wear these in public (at least not yet) but my husband and I were impressed. I also have some 14s from Avenue that fit me. I can by workout clothes in a size large (with no Xs in front of it). My shirts are 14/16. The dress I bought is a large. So I am going to declare that my official size now is a 14. Now I will still wear my 16s until they are falling off or my friends make fun of me but I will wear the 14s too.

As for the dress from the wedding, I did put it on too. It is pretty over-sized now. If I were ever going to wear it again it would need some major tailoring done. My husband thinks it is beautiful so I will keep it and perhaps one day get it altered. I think it is so funny to see me in it that my best bud is coming over tonight and I am going to model it for her.

I am working on a post of comparison pics. So be looking for that soon, if you dare!


Hallie said...

How exciting, and motivating for me!

Maria said...

Wow! I am on a similar journey...down 50, and just ready to declare myself a 14. How funny to find your entry the day after my decision on 14. Great job!

Crys said...

Wow! A Gap 14 is pretty damn impressive! When I was a 14 at every other store, I still couldn't squeeze into a Gap 14! Fat Camp is paying off! Keep up the great work!

wildfluffysheep said...

Can't wait for the comparison pics.

Kudos on pinning down a size and trying on old clothes. I wish I could say the same things about mine!

*hugs* hope the pain lessens soon x