Monday, June 29, 2009

Comparison Pics - Part 3

Okay I will stop annoying you with picture posts (at least for a while). Anywho, this is the dress from my best bud's wedding. The first pic is from Dec 31, 2005. The other two are from tonight. I just thought it was a fun difference and I would share since I already blogged about it.

What I remember from the night of the wedding is that I was wearing a VERY tight corset-type bra to try and hold things in and the boning was digging into my side and I could not wait to get it off and breath again. Don't worry! I still drank and ate and danced - alot. We have the pictures to prove it. It is a shame that I remember that feeling. I am sure if that wedding were today that is not the first memory I would have.

Have a great day and may all your clothes be falling off you (just not in public)! Over and out (it is bedtime at camp).


Monica said...

You look amazing!!!

Melanie said...

I find the picture comparisons very inspiring & NOT annoying at all. I am looking forward to having some of my own..some day hopefully soon.
Awesome job; you're an inspiration.

Deb said...

You look great chickadee! Love picture posts!

jo said...

I love all the comparison pictures! WOW, you look great! =)

Cute babes--and they do grow up way too fast.

Good job organizing all those books!

Hallie said...

I enjoy the comparison pictures. That's what I look for in a weight-loss blog!! :-D I like these because I can really see a difference and that's inspiring.

Shelley said...

Wow, the side view with you holding the excess fabric says it all! You look fantastic!!!

wildfluffysheep said...

lol @ the clothes falling off line!

Wow. That comparison should make you beam, girl! Just wow. Looking good!

Definitely motivational!

Aimee said...

i know i saw this a lot, but you are very motivating!!! :)

lookin' gorgeous, too! :)

Karyn said...

Love the comparison photos! You certainly have good reason to be proud of yourself!

The little girls are so cute

shefit said...

WOW! You are looking great. Keep you the great work. It's paying off. I enjoy seeing the before and after pics... don't stop

Lisa said...

You look GREAT!!!! Can i add your site to mine?

- Lisa