Monday, June 29, 2009

Comparison Pics - Part 2

1st off, I must bitch. Have you ever had a day (or maybe 7 each month) where you want to rip your uterus out with your bare hands just for some relief? That is my day. And at fat camp, that is not much fun. I had to get up early and load up on some major drugs in order to make it through the morning activities. But I pushed through. I just needed to complain some. My best bud does not get lady troubles like I do so she cannot relate.
So, here are more comparison pics. The top is in my pool last summer with god daughter Grayden. The 2nd is at a waterpark this year with god daughter Camden. My hair is actually a lot longer this year which is good. That way I can put it in a ponytail (which has been awesome working out). It is so hard to workout when your hair is too short to put back all the way - and it is hot.
This summer I brought home all the books I have in my student's classroom library so I could organize them. I went to the store and got containers and actually did that today. This is amazing because every summer I say I will do something like that, but I never do. I still have some more labeling to do (and leveling readers) but the majority is done. In one afternoon. And let me tell you, I have TONS of books for them. I keep amazing myself in strange ways.
I think I shall declare this is a whole new me. And just in time. The old me was really starting to work my nerves. Hope you all are having a great day! From the looks of your blogs we have a lot of weight being lost. Yeah!!
Have you ever stopped to think where the weight you lost actually went? It just evaporated in your muscle burn I guess but I just find it strange to think there used to be 70+ pounds more of me. Where is it now? Please don't look! I do not want to find it EVER again. Just a random thought I have been having at bedtime lately. Peace out!


Crys said...

You know, your workout schedule could account for the period from hell. My past one was awfuller than awful. I laid down on the ceramic tile in my bathroom and yelled every expletive I knew. My doctor told me that when you start an exercise regimen or kick up the intensity, it can make it worse. Next month, I'm taking pre-emptive meds!

Great picture! I took a pic with my nephews this weekend and tried to strategically place them in front of me in my swimsuit pic. It didn't work. That picture will never see the light of day.

TJ said...

wow...I LOVE that you have come so far!!! I love that you declared a WHOLE NEW YOU! :) Amazing. You look AMAZING!! I do think where the heck the weight goes...but just like you I am SO not looking for it- EVER! Keep up the GREAT work!!! (((HUGS!!!)))

wildfluffysheep said...

Loving the comparison pics :D

and lol. i just got an image of my fat going *poof*