Friday, May 15, 2009

Biggest Loser Revealed

And it isn't me. Today was weigh-in day. Gained another half pound. I did eat out twice but I was not too much over my calories. I also worked out alot. It sucks when there is a simple mathematical formula for weight loss (calories in - calories out = hopefully a calorie deficit of at least 3500) which should yield a loss of at least one pound per week and it is not working for me. Would someone please explain that to my body?

So yesterday was really a Charlie Brown day for me. You know what I mean? Nothing goes right and was totally like a Debbie Downer. I even depressed my trainer. He was not prepared for it. Here were the thoughts in my head:
  1. The kids took a writing test and did sucky on the composition but in reality they are pretty decent writers
  2. I am trying to finish all assessments for the year but they are never ending (really I have tested and taught them how to take tests for the past 30 days and it super sucks for all of us)
  3. I have 13 days of school left to pack up all my crap and I am trying to be organized about it
  4. I started to see a dermatologist for my acne and it is not getting any better yet so I have to keep trying this stuff for another 6 weeks and if it doesn't improve I have to start all over from scratch
  5. I have weighed in the 220s for a LONG time now. I want to have a decent drop soon
  6. My knees started hurting again (I had this problem when I first started working out a lot)
  7. My hamstrings are always tight which makes me even less flexible when I stretch (and hurts a bit)
  8. I ran for a mile at a 6.7 on the treadmill and was sucking wind pretty bad

All of this made me feel like I was making negative progress. Now I still get comments daily but since my weight has not moved in the last month I feel like a fraud accepting the complements.

I do realize every one's journey is different. Evidently mine is long, slow and bloated (I really feel like my stomach is bloated all the time even though it is way smaller than before and i cut back on diet cokes and sodium).

As for biggest loser (which I will be sad not to see again until the fall), I am surprised. Helen is the LAST contestant I ever expected to win. I am sad she won. That should have been her daughter, she seems pretty selfish to me. And what is with that hair? Good lord, fix it already. That saggy skin really made her look old. But did you see Jerry? Way to go old man!! He is a true inspiration. He was only on the ranch for two weeks and lost 177 pounds? He is totally rockin' it. I'd say everyone else looked pretty good. Tara and Laura look like completely different people. So did Sione, Filipe and Kristin. I "heart" them all. Let's hope they all keep it off.

Today is my anniversary. I way 20 pounds less than the day I got married so I am happy about that. My husband cooked my favorite thing he makes - teryaki chicken wings (grilled, I am not a fan of fried food). Then we went for a jeep ride to get the best ice cream ever. So obviously I did not count calories tonight. I think I will put the scale away for a while. Especially if I keep screwing up the calorie calculations with too many calories in.

Hope you all had a good week. May we all be a big bunch of losers!


Myrina Ltd said...

SURVIVAL MODE! You may have pushed your body into survival mode by working too hard physically.

That may sound weird but when you do that your body will stop using the energy that you want it to, and store store store for "leaner" times. Which can make you want to work harder making your physical situation worse.

The change from an unhealthy lifestyle to a LASTING healthy does not happen quickly no matter how much you want it to.

You can achieve what you want healthily and happily! I know a guy who was on the weight roller coaster FOREVER after a couple years at 256 pounds he saw the light in himself and stopped putting it out. 7 years later and he is 165 pounds but more important than his weight is how he feels. He is happy and comfortable with his personal health overall!

Bring peace to yourself instead of stress.

Deb said...

{{{hugs}}} Try not to be discouraged. You have come SO far already. Your body may just need some time to readjust. Keep hanging in there and you WILL see results again.

Calorie Hater said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say that I think you're doing great even though the scale hasn't moved for a bit. It didn't go UP either, right? Keep up the good work, it will pay off in the end.

Aimee said...

looks like you're feeling down on yourself, but you really are such a motivation. hang in there! :) i look forward to your posts!

tisha said...

Happy Anniversary! That's awesome that you weight 20 lbs less than your wedding day. I was just thinking the same thing. I'm down almost the same and want to try on my wedding dress. Weird huh? About the BL...I'll bet Mike and his dad wished they'd kept Kristin in the game instead of keeping Helen. I agree with you. It should have been her daughter at the ranch. Her daughter is young and deserved the chance to get healthy. I hope your week improves! Hang in there!