Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Week, Another Weigh-In

Hello friends!

Well, this week was okay I suppose. Just a little blah. This week I lost 1.5 pounds bringing the total to 62. I am not complaining but I must say I worked really hard for that. Here is what this week held for me:

1. A week of sticking to my 1600 calories/day diet and I used the calories wisely
2. 5 personal training sessions with my "we're gonna really change it up this week" trainer
3. 1 Zumba class - so fun and really worked my abs
4. Running/walking with the dogs 1.2 miles every morning

Now I 1.5 pounds really a fair trade off? I am going to shut my pie hole now and just appreciate the loss and hope next week's number will reflect more.

My training sessions this week were hard. My trainer was explaining how he was really gonna pump up the cardio in it and we would do blah, blah, blah (in my head I hear the teacher on Charlie Brown sometimes "whah, whah, whah, whah...whah"). I always try to interpret and then ask for clarification. Here is how the conversation went:

Trainer: Blah, blah, blah, cardio, harder, blah, blah, blah.
Me: So you are going to induce a heart attack?
Trainer: No, just short of a heart attack.
Me: Super.

And that is what we did. Today I pushed myself running on the treadmill before we started. But of course that was not near enough. By the time we were finished I had completely soaked two sports bras and my t-shirt with hard work (otherwise known as yucky sweat).

And yes I wear two sports bras. Not because I have a big chest, quite the opposite. However, one sports bra is super duper strong so I do not move when I run (imagine using duct tape to hold you in place only far more pleasant) and the other is a full body tank thing I wear over the super duper bra. I love these, especially if my shirt goes up (which it has on occasion) no one needs to see my big, pale belly. I have yet to find a combo bra I like so I just double up.

Now you know far more about me than you ever wanted to.

So my trainer wants me to use some of my precious 1600 calories each day to eat a protein bar. I am not a fan. If I only get 1600 calories, I want to use them on real food that I enjoy. He does insist that it will trick my body and speed up my metabolism. I guess I should try it. Afterall, look at all the work I did this week and my body wasn't buying it.

Hope you all had great losses this week!


TJ said...

WTG! Great job! Your kickin butt! lol Keep up the amazing work!

:) tj

Sharon said...

Oh wow, great job on the loss!

Hum, instead of a protein bar, could you eat something that is high in protein instead?

Karyn said...

A 1.5 pound loss may not seem like much when you've worked so hard, but is more than an average loss! In fact, it is a GREAT loss! You are working so hard! You must be feeling strong and fit by now. You are probably gaining some muscle, too - don't forget that!

Aimee said...

all of your exercising makes me excited to get back into my routine this week.

awesome loss, btw! :)

Michelle said...

Just came across your blog and I am finding it so inspirational. I've been needing some inspiration to get back on track, and you've done it! Thank you!! Congrats on your weight loss too!


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the weight loss! My personal trainer Roland Semprie is all about the interval running 60 second sprints, it is killer but also gonna be really effective i think! I have only just started my program so I am excited to see what the hard work brings.