Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do You Watch Hell's Kitchen?

As every weekend, I spent some time cleaning out my Tivo/DVR. So now I am caught up on my shows. One of my favorites is Hell's Kitchen. Do you watch? It is very fun to watch as far as reality TV goes. There is a contestant on there this year named Robert. He is in his late 20's. He is very cute and his personality is rockin. He could have his own show in my opinion. He is a very hard worker and seems to be a talented chef. He also weighs 400 pounds.

Now anyone who watches the show knows that Chef Ramsey is not the nicest guy when he is in the heat of a moment. He never really belittled him for his weight other that calling him 'big boy.' There were rewards from challenges that Robert could not enjoy. For example, the boys were supposed to take a helicopter to Catalina Island and stay a few hours. Robert however exceeded the weight limit for the helicopter and he had to take a ferry and meet the boys there. By the time he made it, it was time to come back. So no reward for him (at least the boys rode back with him). Another reward was for the boys to ride Segways at the park but he was too large so he had to ride a bike and could not keep up with the group.

This week the remaining contestants went to Atlantic city to see the resort in which the winner's restaurant will be. They had just sat down to a dinner with an executive chef - the most important dinner of their careers - when Robert excused himself from the table, never to return. He was having chest pains. His blood pressure was 160/100. He was rushed to the hospital. He had to stay all night. He missed the dinner, the rubbing elbows, the spa treatments. Basically he has missed out on all the rewards for his hard work.

He returned to Hell's Kitchen to tell everyone that he has some fluid sack around his heart which is part of heart disease and he would be leaving the competition. Which his health is important, I understand. But his dream ended just like that. Not because he was lazy. Not because he didn't care. Ultimately because he was obese.

I do not want that to be me. I cannot think of anything that I have not been able to do because of my weight but I know some things were not as enjoyable because of it. I also have high blood pressure and am scared of having a stroke. I am now about the weight I was when they put me on the blood pressure medicine so I am hoping that maybe I am close to coming off.

I guess my point is, that if you have a dream that you have worked so hard for, it would be devastating for it never to come to fruition strictly because you are over-weight. I plan on taking this problem down (hopefully down under two hundred pounds someday) and managing it from there.

I hope everyone's dreams get to come true - we all deserve it.

Oh yeah - I also Tivoed the movie Grey Gardens on HBO. Watched it this morning and it is excellent! So you may want to see that one if you can.

Have a great week!


Deb said...

I have watched Hell's Kitchen in the past, but not this season. Wow, my heart is broken for that guy. It sucks that his physical self got in the way of his success. Strikes a chord with me as I embark on interviewing for jobs in an attempt to move up the ladder. Being held back because of my weight is definitely something I fear.

Aimee said...

i love hell's kitchen, but i'm so behind on it. lol. i have got to get caught up on my shows!

do you watch biggest loser? it's the only show i'm caught up on. well, and american idol - because i'm a dork like that.

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