Friday, March 20, 2009

Pathertic and Lazy, Yet Motivated

Another weigh-in today. Lost one pound (which is not bad since my weight was up a few pounds a few days ago). I quite amaze myself sometimes how I can be my own worst enemy.

The Pathetic and Lazy part of my post: I pay $40 a month to be a member of weight watchers. I go to meetings on Sundays, I listen to what they say and contribute. I would say that I follow the points system "loosely." I give myself one cheat meal a week (I try not to go too overboard). But I do not like writing down what I eat because it is usually the same kind of stuff day to day (although I know writing it down does help). For this, I am just plain lazy. On average I am losing 1 pound per week which is decent for most people, for me it is pathetic - read on to find out why.

Motivated - I am now working out with a personal trainer 4 times per week. Those sessions are averaging an hour and a half (with my added cardio and stretching). The cost of this is currently $500 per month. I never miss a session, even if I have to go at 4:30 am. I also belong to a lady's gym where I try to take 1 to 2 aerobic classes per week (last night was half and half - pretty tough stuff), cost: $30 per month. I am very dedicated to my workouts, I can see body changes constantly and I think exercise is going to be the key to permanent weight loss for me. Oh and I walk my dogs 1.2 miles each day.

So let's take the past month for example. I lost an average of 4 pounds. I spent around $570 diet and exercise wise. That is an average of $142.50 per pound lost. Pathetic! Before Christmas when I was strict with my points I was losing about 3 pounds per week. That is too much money to not be losing more weight.

I get comments on my appearance multiple times a day. I feel like a fraud. Yes I am losing weight but at a snail's pace. I must change something. Either my lazy accountability habit or change diets to keep me on my toes. I have been pondering another diet. I will post about it later today but I must get ready for yet another training session.

Thanks for allowing me to babble. It is like therapy for me, which I cannot afford at the moment.

Happy losing!

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