Friday, March 20, 2009

Diet Dilemma

So I have a diet dilemma (as you can tell from my earlier post). I think my 1 pound per week loss is due to my laziness and I could do better with weight watchers if I were more strict and wrote things down. I decided to talk to my trainer about this because he loves to talk food and exercise (even when I do not want to).

He said that when I first started losing weight I could have been doing just about anything diet wise and because I was working out so much it made me drop bigger numbers more quickly. But now that I am 53 pounds lighter and still exercising a ton that the same diet is not going to work with the same results.

His conclusion? After we went through a "typical" day of eating for me, he concluded that I do not eat enough protein during the day. I asked if I needed to stop eating other things (baked chips, string cheese, FiberOne bars, etc.) and replace them with protein. His answer? No. I just need to add more protein and eat it with a starch. I will admit that I am skeptical but curious at this reply. I had to leave at that point in the conversation so I told him to come up with a plan for me and I would get it when we workout tomorrow.

Prior to this conversation I was considering two options:

#1 - Stop being lazy and work hard to stick to weight watchers points. I like this option because you can eat whatever you want as long as you count it. I think it is something that is just plain healthy and can be done for the long term.

#2 - Follow the Biggest Loser diet. This diet is high protein but low carb. I would have to count calories and stay away from prepackaged food (which I love to eat frozen dinners for lunch). Also, I do not think low carb is something good for the long term. However, I bet I would start dropping some pounds fast.

Now I have a third option of following a diet plan set up by my trainer. I like this option because he knows me. He knows I love to have a cheat meal of Mexican food and he is all for it. He knows the calories I am burning in the gym (which a generic diet program would not know). He knows I hate protein bars and drinks. He knows I love dairy products and only eat fruit because I feel I have to once a day.

I will have to see what he has in mind tomorrow but I think I will go with option three. He has come up with some off-the-wall training stuff before but it turned out that he was right. So he is probably right about this. I could at least give it a shot, I've got nothing but weight to lose.

What would you do? Better yet, what do you do? Have you been faced with needing to change your diet?


~Crystal said...

I seriously think you should try whatever your WW leader plans for you. I mean, he does know you and will be honest in his advise for you. I think it's a good option. :)

spunkysuzi said...

I think that's a great plan :) And sometimes having someone else imput is great especially if they "know" what you like!

Aimee said...

how's it going? what did you decide to do?