Saturday, March 28, 2009

I May Have Made a Mistake


So I decided to follow the advice of my trainer. That may have been a mistake. I ate lots of protein. I ate how he told me to. Did all my workouts. I gained two and a half pounds. *SIGH* I am treating this as an out of body experience, otherwise I would be pissed that I undid two and a half weeks worth of work.

So I asked if I should go back to weight watchers. I am told to turn off my brain and trust him. Oh yeah, and not weigh myself for a month. God, by that time I could put on 20 pounds. And if I am going to GAIN weight, I can think of alot more fun things to eat and lazier things to do with my time.

I finally did measurements again. My trainer tried to hide them from me in his car. But then I threatened to jump on the hood and leave a huge ass indention on his nice sports car and he went out to the car and handed them over. He really thinks I analyze too much. This may be true but I cannot keep myself from thinking about progress. Afterall, this is a ton of money, time and effort.

So I will TRY to not weigh for one month. And eat his way for one month. But if I GAIN, I am going to try the Biggest Loser diet. The other trainers at the gym also said to just stop with the weighing and use my clothes as a measure. I am trying to tell them that my goal weight is still in the "overweight" category. How many people ask their trainer to help them be overweight? I think it is achievable. But is a number.

Do you ever watch TLC's What Not to Wear, hosted by Stacy and Clinton? Well, I am trying to see myself as that hideously dressed woman who thinks her painted on jeans showing off her muffin top paired with an 80's thread bare t-shirt topped off with hooker boots sporting a broken heel look spectacular (in real life, I do not dress this way, for the record). While she is dressed in this outfit, Stacy and Clinton mock her and point out all the flaws but say they can help. And by the end of the show she can't believe she ever dressed that way and she looks fabulous.

I think the trainers are Stacy and Clinton. I am the hideous woman who fights them and says clothes never fit her right, their rules won't work, they are wrong. I plan to give in (at least for a month) the way the woman does. Hopefully, the result will be me looking fabulous and wondering why I ever doubted them.

The hardest part? Staying off the scale for a month.

Hope you all had a better week than I did.


TJ said...

oh my. Maybe the gain is the muscle your making working out?? I am not a pro or even have the slightest clue as to what Im talking about. lol Sorry. Are you happy with the food that you are able to eat with your trainers meal plan? I guess I love WW so much that Id hate to go back to a "diet" lifestyle of chicken and veggies.
Im crossing my fingers for you!!! Let us know how your doing!! No scale for a MONTH!! YIKES! lol

:) Tj

Sandy said...

Yikes, you are a better woman than me, I'd want to punch him in the nose, lol.

I'm cheering you! Here's to a better week for us both!

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