Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are We Falling Apart?

I noticed something really sad today. I was reading a blog and saw the blog roll call on the right hand side of the screen. Scrolling through, I noticed that there were several blogs that had not been updated in over 5 months. Out of curiosity, I started clicking on them. Two of them had just changed their web address, but not the "others".

The "others" seem to have a common thread. One last sad post from sometime last summer or fall saying they had a rough day, weight loss has been stagnate, life was getting too busy. I am sad for these individuals. It seems that last post is sitting out there says "yep....I gave up on me."

I know it sounds cliche but if you don't believe in you, who will?

Here is my consensus of my weight loss journey so far (since July 2008):
  1. Yes it sucks to have to spend so much thought, time, and energy on one aspect of your life all the time.
  2. Working out takes time and does not get any easier (mostly because you change it up to make it harder for yourself).
  3. Food is still just as delicious as it was before. I do enjoy eating oranges now but after work I would still like to snack on chips.
  4. I do enjoy getting the comments everyday from different people about how much better I look or that they did not recognize me.
  5. I like knowing that I can run short distances without losing my breath.
  6. I like laying in bed at night and feeling a slight soreness in my muscles from the day's workout.
  7. I like feeling that I did something good for me at the end of the day.

When I really think about it, the good does out-weigh the bad. I wish the "other" bloggers would see that too and come back. We all struggle, we all falter. I will try hard to keep myself here, failing or succeeding.

Time is going to pass anyway, I might as well work at being a healthier me.

So THANK YOU to all the bloggers that stay. You have a bad day and post about it. We all learn from each other's struggles. I know it's hard but you do it anyway. I have heard that maintenance is harder than actually losing the weight. I do not doubt it is challenging but I hit these plateaus and it is pretty difficult on this end as well.

Stay strong and keep posting!!


Karyn said...

Great post! I wish those who have 'disappeared' could read it.

Aimee said...

i'll remember this post on my next bad day. thanks for sharing! :)

Aimee said...

dmb = Dave Matthews Band. i'm a HUGE fan - travel to 10 or so shows a year to catch them. you should check them out! good stuff.

march 28 = a trip to Illinois to see Daniel. he works for FEMA and travels A LOT with work. we just got engaged and i kinda miss him. :)

weigh in is tomorrow morning, so my fingers are crossed for my Bravo sticker! ha!