Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Need Cheese For That Whine? YES!!

Well, within 7 hours of my last post my husband got DEATH FLU. He has been home for two days "recovering". I am just jealous and being snarky. If I had a job where I could call in, I would have. But anyone who teaches a primary grade knows that is not worth creating sub plans and trying to find a sub.

It is easier to take upto 4 imodium per day (read today), advil for pain, pepto, attempt to workout, still walk the dogs (but not too far from a toilet), go to the grocery store at 6am so your husband has sprite and pudding (his comfort foods - not mine), keep doing the 7 loads of laundry that someone else could have done on Sunday while I was sick, cook dinner (because you are starving from lack of food), finally eat and when the imodium weakens - bam! you have to pause the Biggest Loser about a dozen times to use the restroom. Since you do all this you get about 4 hours of sleep and get to work on it all again the next day.

Not the best week of my life I must admit. However, we are still very fortunate to have each other and our general health so I will shut up about DEATH FLU for a while.

So who saw Biggest Loser? Can you believe the twist at that first weigh-in??? That is CRAY-Z!


Neelith said...

No I can believe the twist. I was really mad at first. But it is nice to see they are trying to show us that we can to it in the real world.
Did you see the intro. Jillian and Bob were so tough on the US that I almost jumped of the couch and started running right then and there.

Sorry to hear you and the hubby are sick.

Karyn said...

So sorry you are still suffering! I'll be thinking of you....wish I could watch BL, but I don't have a TV signal - don't watch enough TV to justify it. :) I'll just have to 'watch' it by reading everyone's synopsis on Wednesdays.

Tell there a team of sisters-in-law? I know a girl that was auditioning for BL with her SIL

Linda said...

wow your day sounds exhausting!!!!!!

Losing Waist! said...

You can bitch all you want because it is your blog. I will always agree with your bitching because it feels good! If I bitch I love it when others feel me!

Pudding and Sprite! HUH! Go get your own pudding!

(that was me agreeing with you)

Big Girl said...

Hope you both feel better soon.

Katschi (Karen) said...

Thanks alot for your words of encouragement the other day when I got the crappy news.
I appreciate your faith & kindness!
hugs xoxo