Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Made Weigh-In!

So, after three missed weeks at weight watchers, I made weigh-in today. I did not want to because of the past few weeks:

1st - I worked really hard to hit 40 pounds lost before holiday. Weight went down.

2nd - Went on holiday, worked out little, ate a lot. Weight went up.

3rd - Got DEATH FLU. Weight went down.

4th - As soon as I recovered from DEATH FLU, I got an ample case of "lady troubles," ate like a horse, retained water. Weight went way up.

For this last reason I predicted a 5 pound gain at weigh in and really pondered if I should go. Then I thought of all of you. It occurred to me that you all have been through all this and much worse. You would say nice, encouraging things like; you can do it - next week will be a loss, just get back in the habit, don't give up you worked so hard. All of these things are true.

Then this mean, awful voice filled my head. It was me. Enough is enough! Quit whining about all your so called "issues" and MOVE YOUR ASS!

So with that lovely thought I went to weigh in. There were about 100 people. That is an increase of about 40 people. They were finishing their first week and were happy and had losses. I was glad I saw them all - they give me hope. I need out of my crappy rut.


Could always be worse. So I sit here drinking tons of water, I may turn into a sprinkler. I am about to walk my dogs - that will help, right?

I am retaining so much water and am so bloated that I feel like the friggin' stay puft marshmallow man. Look out world, here I waddle!
Have a super, successful week!


Linda said...

It sounds like you were expecting a lot more. If you're retaining waer it'll come off by next week if you keep it up! The important thing is you kept going through all those ups and downs and didn't throw the negative off program!

Katschi (Karen) said...

.2 is NOTHING! meh!
That'll be gone in no time what with all the peeing you're going to be doing lol
Good for you for biting the bullet and weighing in!

Kimberly said...

You basically maintained after all of that? Count that as a blessing!

When I have weeks like that I just work all the harder the following week.

Natalie said...

Today is a new day, do what you know makes you feel good and get the @#%**&^%$ out of your head. Have a great week!!