Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh and some cute pics!

So it just occurred to me that I have not posted many pictures of Evie smiling. This is partly because my camera sucks (that is why I am getting a new one). But she is way cuter when she smiles so here are a few from the past month! She is a VERY happy baby!

Have a great week!


Stepping On Cheerios said...

What a little cutie!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

awww adorable!!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Evie is such a cutie!!!

And though it's not nearly for similar reasons, I've been a bit sleep deprived too, so my eating's been horrible. I can put a working week together, but the weekends go off.

Getting back on track tomorrow. Yes. Must. Do. Blah.

Oh yeah, I don't know if I told you yet, but I got into the Bachelor of Education program, so I'm on my way to being a teacher! Arlington, here I come! ;)

Nancy said...

She's beautiful!

Shelli Ryan said...